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Sparky's Choice Buckle Dog Collar Yellow

$30.00 USD

Sparky's Choice Dog Collar is now available in a standard buckle. Like the original, it is made with incredibly strong coated polyester. This durable material is easy to clean, will not absorb odors, and remains flexible even in sub-zero weather. This material will not crack, even after years of use. A quick rinse with soap and water and your collar is clean. The matching leash is available in 3/4" width and either 4' or 6' lengths.

3/4" x 14"
3/4" x 16"
1" x 18"
1" x 20"
1" x 22"
1" x 24"
1" x 26"

Each product has a unique size chart. Your dog is not going to be the same size in every item. Please measure your dog and refer to the size chart on each product page before making a selection.

Shipping Restriction: This item cannot be shipped outside of the United States.