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Tiger Eye Healing Dog Collar Charm Oval Pawmulet

$43.00 USD

Gemstones and crystals are not only a beautiful piece of pet jewelry, but they also bring powerful "New Age" healing properties that influence and balance your pet's chakras. Each healing dog collar charm is handcrafted with semiprecious gems. A silver lobster clasp attaches to the pet's collar ring and is accompanied by a split ring to accommodate any size collar ring. This charm consists of a genuine 18mm Tiger's Eye bead encased in silver plated wire with a copper core that aids any pet ailment. It is secured with a star spacer and tiny silver beads.

Tiger's Eye - protects and energizes the body when worn and it is beneficial for weak and sick animals. This powerful stone brings luck and creates courage and confidence. It is seen as an excellent gemstone for nocturnal vision and the entire digestive system. It helps your pet to become patient, focused, determined and alert. If your pet is training for competitions then Tiger's Eye will assist with perfect timing and action. It will help your pet to be extra vigilant at protecting your property. Tiger's Eye is the perfect dog jewelry gift to give to your pet because of its strong, grounding and protective characteristics.

Style: Silver Plate Findings, Sterling Silver Findings

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