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Western Charm Leather Dog Collar

$55.00 USD

It's more than a collar, it's a story! Choose a collar to match your personality or that of your dog. This "charming" leather dog collar will make your dog the most stylish pet in the neighborhood! Best of all, if you want to change the look, simply unscrew the charms and replace them. The screws are flush with the back of the collar so your dog won't even know they are there! A matching dog leash is also available.

Who knew your pet could look so cool in modern Western gear! This gorgeous collar has a soft black leather lining and 7 charms. The mini collar has 5 charms. Charms include Cowboy Boots, Lucky Pony, Cowgirl Hat, and 4 Pink Studs. The mini will only have 2 studs.

Mini: 1/2" wide x 6-8" neck
Small: 1/2" wide x 8-11" neck
Medium Thin: 1/2" wide x 11-14" neck
Medium Thick: 1" wide x 12-15" neck
Large: 1" wide x 16-19" neck
Extra Large: 1" wide x 20-23" neck

~Every purchase of a charm collar purchases treats for a homeless pet!

Each product has a unique size chart. Your dog is not going to be the same size in every item. Please measure your dog and refer to the size chart on each product page before selecting.