10 People Foods You Can Share with Your Dog

Once a dog is regarded as part of the household, he usually gets the same attention, love, and affection that any family member would. This yearning to include the pooch in various family activities often goes on at the tabletop. Although there are a lot of human foods that are dangerous for your dog, there are some that are considered to be safe for him to eat.

1. Rice.

This is commonly used as a filler in dog foods. Giving your pooch a few bites of it on his plate is safe, so long as the rice does not contain garlic or onion as these ingredients can be harmful to him. New testing has also shown some rice to contain arsenic, so opt for organic!

2. Chicken.

Another good choice of people food for dogs is Chicken. Chicken is an excellent treat for most dogs. In fact, many will gobble it down faster than they would any other food choice. Plus, chicken is a rich source of protein, and so long as spices and oils are regulated, it is safe to give to Fido.

3. Cooked eggs.

Whether they’re scrambled or simply boiled, eggs are healthy as a dog food since they contain lots of vitamins and protein. Just make sure that the eggs have been fully cooked before serving as raw ones can make him sick.

4. Carrots.

This low-calorie vegetable makes a great snack for your pooch. Whether raw or cooked, carrots are safe to give to your dog. In fact, many dogs love the crunchy snack just as much as any packaged treat.

5. Green beans.

Green beans are quite filling yet rather low in calorie content. So, as long as salt content is controlled, green beans can be a healthy treat for Fido.

6. Berries.

A lot of dogs love to eat frozen berries as a special sweet treat. Dogs can safely eat a small amount of these fruits and they can benefit from berries’ anti-oxidant properties just like humans.

7. Bananas.

Similar to berries, dogs can also benefit from the nutrients of bananas. So, next time your pup’s treats run out; don’t hesitate to grab this fruit. Bananas can be a quick healthy snack for your pooch.

8. Seedless watermelon.

Like humans, this fruit is also rehydrating for dogs. However, because ingesting watermelon seeds can result in intestinal blockage, make sure that you have removed all of the seeds before you use it as a dog food.

9. Cheese.

A lot of dogs love cheese. It’s rich in protein and tastes amazing! But, some dogs experience sensitivity to excessive consumption of dairy like some humans. Begin by feeding your pooch just a small amount of cheese to avoid stomach upset.

10. Peanut butter.

This is safe to give to dogs. However, because of the high-fat peanut butter contains, you have to limit the serving. Better yet, choose an organic, natural peanut butter made without sugar (or sugar substitutes!)- it’ll better suit you both!

So, the next time he flashes you those puppy dog eyes, as long as what you’re eating is on this list, it’s okay to share human foods with your dog. Be careful, though, if you get in the habit of feeding your dog from your dinner plate, you’ll quickly end up with a mealtime sidekick!

But if you are a vegan, almost everything is allowed!

By Brandy Arnold

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