4 Easy Ways Your Dog Can Help You Make New Friends

Dog ownership provides opportunities to meet new people at every proverbial turn. Going to a dog park, participating in pet events, attending training classes and having a beverage at a pet-friendly coffee shop are all activities that will enable you to meet individuals you might not have encountered without your pet. Whether you are extroverted or introverted, outgoing or shy, people of all ages will gravitate to you if for no reason other than to play with your furry friend.

Visiting a dog park will not only give your dog a chance to interact with other playful canines, but it will also provide you with a chance to engage other pet lovers in conversation. Commenting on the adorable look of someone else’s dog will prove to be a great ice-breaker. Noticing how another person’s pet adopts a humorous play stance to convince other dogs to give chase will help to keep a chat flowing. Remembering to clean up after your pet and correcting any landscaping changes he may have made to the park will earn you vocal praise and make your audience eagerly anticipate your return visit with your pooch.

Participating in fundraising events for a local shelter is a great way to meet individuals who share your passion for animals and their welfare. Organizing a fashion show will put you in touch with suppliers of pet clothing and fashion buffs. Convincing local celebrities like news anchors or newspaper editors to walk the runway with their pets will introduce you to people with large audiences that might be persuaded to attend your fundraiser and donate to a worthy cause.

Attending obedience classes will help improve your pet’s manners and give you an opportunity to share frustrating and humorous tales regarding your dog’s behavior with people struggling with or celebrating similar experiences. During the course’s tenure, you will be able to witness improvement in your dog’s behavior and offer support to other attendees. Expressing a sincere interest in the well-being and progress of someone else’s pet will guarantee that you will be sought out for your conversation during each training class.

Enjoying a cup of coffee while sitting on the shop’s patio with your dog by your side will provide ample opportunity for children and their parents to pet your dog and greet you with a smile. Informing a child of your dog’s friendly nature will put a nervous adult at ease and will allow a conversation to start. Answering questions about your pet will keep your new friends interested in talking. Having your pet demonstrate some tricks will have your audience smiling and asking for more performance art. You can easily take this opportunity to set a date to meet for coffee as a group the following weekend.

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