All That Glitters Is....Diamonds in the Ruff Ruff!

The models of Bitch New York were sparkling with all the colors of the rainbow this week as they tried on their designer dog jewelry from Diamonds in the Ruff Ruff. Each dog was presented with a gift from the designer herself that was a representation of his or her personality. Lola is spicy and sassy so she for her we chose the Mango Tango Pet Necklace. The orange and pink hues work harmoniously with the color of her coat and the heart pendant signifies how much we love her!

Befitting of a Prince with a bit of an urban edge, Winston was gifted the Chocolate Brownie with Nuts Pet Necklace. His blue fawn coloring is the perfect backdrop to the chocolate jasper and the aqua blue Swarovski crystals. The rhinestone paw pendant is the mark of his top dog stature!

Beckham is my office manager and bodyguard all wrapped into one. So he was appropriately adorned with a specially designed piece of designer dog jewelry that was the vision of the designer herself. Playing off the blue/grey color of his coat she created this gorgeous pet necklace with a best friend heart charm in the center that he wears very proudly!

Havana is our scruffy, little, teddy bear. She has so much fur that it's hard to see most jewelry on her so we opted for a larger style beaded style designer dog jewelry that had a fun feeling to it! The Autumn Splendor Pet Necklace has purple agate and autumn jasper and has some wonderful crystal properties as an added bonus. The designer changed things up a bit and added a little butterfly pendant to make her necklace a special treat!

Ryleigh is another one of our fluffy little angels. So much so that we needed a really big centerpiece to show through her dark coat. So we chose the Violetta Pet Necklace for its oversized violet purple Swarovski heart pendant. It was just the right choice to contrast with the black and white of her merle coloring.

And of course, we couldn't forget the baby! Our latest model, Aspen. She is pure white so it was like a blank canvas. We thought that we would be daring and steer clear of the typical pink princess type stuff that we would normally choose. So we went with a stunning Blue Diamond Pet Necklace. But the designer had another choice in mind. She gave her this amazing blue and clear designer dog jewelry that just pops off the white background of Aspen's fur!

We are forever grateful to Madelaine Saia, the owner/designer of Diamonds in the Ruff Ruff for so graciously donating her time and her talents to bestowing us with these generous gifts and we will wear them proudly!

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