As Easy As 1, 2, 3....Three Pet Steps, That Is!

When you have little dogs you know how important it is to have good dog pet steps all around the house. We have designer pet steps in front of the couch in the living room, the couch in the den, every bed (including mine and the kids) and even pet stairs up to the chair in my office! This might sound like overkill but the truth is that we have Chihuahuas and their legs are too little to make it safely on and off the furniture without the possibility of an injury. So in order to be able to enjoy their company wherever we are, we have given them the freedom to come and go as they please, as easy as 1, 2, 3 (or 4 in the case of the bedrooms!).

We have had all types of pet steps and considered them for different uses at the time we acquired them. Some pet stairs needed to be narrower because of space restrictions. At one point we felt that we needed a carpeted pet step with a wooden base to keep them from moving around too easily. However, those are quite heavy when you NEED to move them around, in order to clean the floor or rearrange the furniture! There are luxury pet steps that are created just to match your decor! Then we tried foam steps that were great because they had a zippered cover for washing but they didn't grip the floor as well as I would have hoped and sometimes they would slip as the dogs were trying to come down in a frenzied pack to answer the doorbell!

Last week, we received a new pet step from Junybell called the Pastel Three Pet Steps Melon. The pattern is a dainty pink floral on top of a white pin dot with a melon green background. There are two pretty bows and a bit of lace on them which makes these a bit more decorative than the average foam dog steps. The tops of each step are a soft green faux fur that is comfortable for the dogs to step on. The base is amazingly NON-skid. The cover zips off for washing but the best news I got was that they have a waterproof liner that you can purchase so that if the dogs urinate on or around the pet steps, it will not soak into the foam! You can just remove the cover to launder it, put it back on and the steps are as good as new! I think this should greatly extend the life of any pet steps in my house! Aspen took a liking to the steps because the "treads" are wider than most and provide her with ample space to lounge on them as if they are a bed.

The steps are available in Pastel Three Pet Steps Pink or Pastel Three Pet Steps Blue and in a two-step version as well. The company has created coordinating designer dog beds so you can create a doggie bedroom ensemble in your home. So why not look for some pet stairs for your home?

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