Bitch New York helps grant a Birthday Wish!

Bitch New York was contacted by a little boy requesting help with a birthday wish! (Well okay, it was his mom, but it was touching either way!) Here is the letter she wrote to us. Maybe you can help too.

Stevie's 6th Birthday Wish: A Boy With A Dream

Video games, DVDs, bikes, toy cars, anything related to superheroes; this is what a typical birthday list looks like for most little boys turning six years old. However, Stevie Nelson of Tilden, NE, has a different kind of list. For his sixth birthday, he is asking for dog food, cat food, animal treats, and various chew toys. His dream gift is a shelter for Northeast Nebraska’s dogs and cats who are still looking for their forever homes.

Stevie turns six years old in March 2011. Instead of having a traditional birthday party, this kind-hearted little boy has requested that his birthday party guests not bring him any gifts, but rather bring gifts that will help the thousands of unwanted pets in Northeast Nebraska, including dog/cat food, vitamins, toys, and treats. He has stated to his family that he wants to fill their truck full of donations for the local shelter (the Northeast Nebraska Humane Society). Friends and community members have been touched by this truly selfless act for a six-year-old boy.

Animals have always had a special place in Stevie’s heart. Stevie is known to turn down playing soccer or playing with human friends in order to sit down and get to know an animal. His compassion for animals reached an entirely new level on his last birthday. Tragedy struck this young boy when his two Charcoal Labrador Retrievers, Bo, and Luke, were coaxed away from their family home in March 2010, just two days before his fifth birthday. Stevie’s only birthday wish last year was to have his two best friends returned to him; a wish that was unfortunately never granted.

The family posted more than 150 reward signs throughout Northeast Nebraska and spread the word through radio and social media. Even after hiring a Pet Private Investigator to track Bo and Luke and spending eight hours heavily tracking the dogs, the search ended in empty hands and empty hearts. It is believed that the dogs separated and were picked up miles down the road, near a highway that crosses northern Nebraska. With their amazing personalities and rare color, they were a prize for anyone to find.

In the months after the dogs’ disappearance, Stevie and his family followed every possible lead for the dogs. He asked his mom to check the website every day to see if one of their dogs had shown up in a shelter anywhere in Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, or Minnesota. Despite a number of leads and the many people who continued to spread the word of Bo and Luke’s disappearance, Stevie’s birthday wish could not be fulfilled. The look of hope in his eyes dwindled as the months went by with fewer and fewer leads.

Stevie still prays every night that his "boys" are taken care of and may still be returned one day. Now, a year later, he wants to do something to help other animals that face misfortune; his attempt to pay it forward to thank those who are taking care of his "boys." Stevie’s concerns in life revolve around animals, making sure they are fed, warm, safe, and not being abused. He often wonders how animals can survive in the harsh winter months in Nebraska.

Stevie’s selfless efforts should be embraced and commended, and he hopes that people will find it in their hearts to contribute to his very sincere mission to help feed and shelter animals in need. Stevie’s parents have partnered with the Norfolk Nebraska Humane Society, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization currently in the process of building a new facility for the unwanted/unfortunate pets in Northeast Nebraska. These animals are currently being kept in a handful of foster homes, making it hard to easily place them in forever homes.

Stevie’s parents have partnered with the Northeast Nebraska Humane Society to set up an IndieGoGo website to help Stevie raise funds for the planned shelter. Although the goal is $5,000, Stevie’s parents are hoping to raise $6,000; a thousand dollars for each of Stevie’s years so far. All money collected will be donated to the Northeast Nebraska Humane Society’s building fund.

Stevie’s parents were unable to grant his one birthday wish last year; to bring his "boys" home. This little boy has had a trying year, and now he is doing his absolute best to create something positive out of his hopeless situation by helping other animals in need! Will you consider helping grant this generous little boy’s birthday wish this year?


Financial donations can be made at IndieGogo or by contacting the Norfolk Nebraska Humane Society (tax-deductible donation; please mark "Stevie" on your donation). Gift cards, pet toys, animal food, coupons, treats; anything that would benefit the Northeast Nebraska Humane Society shelter should be sent to:

Northeast Nebraska Humane Society
PO Box 663
Norfolk, NE 68701
(402) 316-4848

THANK YOU from Bitch New York, Stevie and all of his furry friends for helping grant his birthday wish!

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