Canine Manners: How to Be a Conscientious Dog Owner
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Everybody loves their pup. But if your dog doesn’t understand basic doggy etiquette, your neighbors might not love your dog as much as you do. So how do you make sure he behaves? It’s not too difficult to teach your dog some basic manners. Read on to learn more about canine dog training.

First, pick up the poop. Don’t be the kind of dog owner who leaves your dog’s waste behind in people’s yards or in the park. When you go out, carry poop bags with you, and you’ll never have to stress about it. Keep your yard clean of dog waste, too. Leaving it to wash away pollutes groundwater and is bad for the local environment. It makes it easier to mow your lawn as well. Cleaning up after your dog is one of the things that makes you a responsible pet owner.

Stop the barking. Dogs are supposed to bark a little. Their job is to protect their home and warn you of intruders. But dogs can become a nuisance if they bark constantly. When training your pup, allow her to bark once or twice and then tell her “no” after that. This will redirect her attention elsewhere. Don’t leave your dog in the yard if she’s a barker. You’ll start getting calls from the neighbors or even a visit from the police.

Keep your dog on a leash. It's one of the most important parts dog training. When you go out for walks, make sure your dog is under your control at all times. And make sure she doesn’t greet people or dogs without permission. Not all people like dogs. Some are allergic or very afraid of them, and it’s not up to you to cure their fear. If another walker has a dog, ask if it’s OK for them to meet. Then allow your dog to visit with the other dog. There are many reasons dog owners might not want a greeting from your pup, so don’t be offended if they decline. It’s possible the owner is being cautious because the dog is not friendly to dogs or isn’t fully vaccinated. If the owner isn’t interested, just smile and keep walking.

Exercise your pup. Ever notice that your dog behaves much better after a walk? The more exercise she gets, the better off she’ll be. Plus, all that walking gets her used to being on a leash and learning leash manners. Walk your dog every chance you get. If you have a big yard, spend some time playing fetch or chasing her around - it will turn dog training into a game. Then she’ll come inside and find her favorite bed for a well-earned nap.

Teach your dog door manners. When a person visits your home, don’t let your guest be clobbered by your overly excited dog. Not everybody wants to be attacked (lovingly) by your pooch. There are training techniques to keep your dog calm when a person visits so that you can have better control of the situation. For your dog’s safety, use this time to teach her not to dash out the open door, either.

Teaching your dog manners is part of dog ownership. If you don’t understand how to train a dog, you can sign your dog up for obedience classes so that you can learn how to manage her. There are also free dog training YouTube videos from professional trainer and plenty of books to teach you how to train her. Remember that training takes time and patience, and if you do it correctly, your dog will love it and so will your neighbors.

By Aurora James

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