Designer Dog Shampoo and Conditioner! Luxury Spa Products have gone to the dogs!

Dog Fashion Spa! Yes, you heard me. We have taken dog fashion to the next level! The dog spa. Luxury, elegance, and refinement are all words that come to mind just by looking at the packaging of this new line of designer dog spa products! But then you open the bottles and find out that the same words come to mind when you use them.

Today was bath day at Bitch New York so we decided to try out our new Dog Fashion Spa Shampoo and Dog Fashion Spa Conditioner. Ryleigh looked exceptionally exquisite with her luxury suds so we thought we'd show you what a good girl she was!

As promised, the dog shampoo smells like flowers when you lather it up. It lathers quite easily and seems to wash out easily as well. While they don't mention it, I thought I smelled roses! The conditioner boasts the same scent so you can be sure your little baby is smelling as fresh as a daisy when bath time is done!

Just in case your baby gets himself or herself untidy before the next bath day or you just want to extend the length of time between baths, Dog Fashion Spa has created two fragrances. Femmina is the designer dog fragrance for our little ladies and Maschio is the designer dog fragrance for all our little "macho" men.

After bath time, Beckham and Winston, tried out their new Maschio fragrance, courtesy of Dog Fashion Spa. The scent is light but the notes of lemon and grapefruit are only enhanced by the amber and musk. It is utterly genius! I might have to spray it on some other males in the house (if you know what I mean!)

We are thrilled to announce the introduction of the entire Dog Fashion Spa line to the Bitch New York luxury dog boutique as the newest addition to our bath and spa department. Run, don't walk to get your new spa products today!!!! They are PAWfectly decadent!

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