The Top 6 Dog Boots for Winter & Cold Weather

Well, it's finally the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas decorations and Christmas wish lists aside, there's a lot about the winter season that we are often not too excited about. Between the rain and the odd snowy day, the days are getting much shorter and temperatures are dropping more and more every night.

And just as we are layering up and protecting ourselves from the harsh cold, our loyal pups are also starting to feel the change of seasons.

In fact, contrary to popular belief, many dogs can also feel the effects of the cold weather, especially if they are a short-haired breed or a breed that is highly susceptible to cold temperatures.

On top of that, your pup likely suffers from the same winter troubles that you do, like getting a dry nose, experiencing frostbite when out in the cold for an excessive amount of time, and having sensitive, teary eyes when exposed to the dry winter air.

As a general rule of thumb, if it feels too cold for you, it's probably too cold for your pup too!

So, how can you make sure your dog is warm and protected throughout the winter months?

Aside from treating your pup to the most fashionable and comfortable outdoor sweaters on the market, you'll want to pay extra special attention to their sensitive paws and there's nothing better than a fresh pair of winter dog boots and snow boots to give their cute paws that tender loving care.

Keep reading to find out more about how you can keep your beloved pup warm and cozy during the worst of the winter, and browse our recommendations for the best dog boots for winter to keep their paws protected on every walk!

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Why Dogs Need Snow Boots During the Winter

So, what is so sensitive about your dog's paws that they would need to wear dog boots and protective shoes in the first place?

Dog shoes have long been considered a novelty item. Treating your pup to a pair of booties or fashionable sneakers is mostly considered a fun extra purchase for dog lovers, rather than a necessity during the colder winter months.

But the truth is that dog snow boots and dog snow shoes offer some of the best protection against ice damage and even against the toxic substances you might find scattered on the ground.

If you're out on a walk with your pup on a snowy day, their bare paws will slowly collect tiny particles of ice over time, which have the potential to get stuck in between their toes and make them feel unbearably cold and uncomfortable.

Pay attention to how your pup behaves when you're out on a snow day walk. Do they whine more than usual, lift their paws off the ground more often, and look more agitated than normal?

These are some tell-tale signs that your dog is feeling the cold and getting uncomfortable walking on the ice!

On top of that, your pet's paws might also step on more than just ice and snow on your way to your favorite park. Their paw pads might step on salt and other substances used to stop people–or pups for that matter–from slipping on the ice. Make sure that salt and potentially toxic substances are not getting caught in between their toes.

Even something as simple as hard rock salt can become unbearably uncomfortable to step on in the long run.

And have you ever rubbed salt on a wound? Then you know how painful it can be, and considering that your dog's paws are more likely to be cracked and damaged during the winter, stepping on a road that's been salted could be a recipe for disaster!

Do All Dogs Feel Cold During the Winter?

While the majority of dogs will feel the uncomfortable effects of the cold and not fare too well when exposed to snow and ice for long periods of time, that doesn't mean that all pups will struggle without a sweater and winter dog boots when December comes around.

Breeds with thick, luscious coats won't feel the cold as much as short-haired breeds, and dogs that have been specifically bred to work and thrive in extreme weather conditions like Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Newfoundlands, and Saint Bernards likely won't feel the harsh cold temperatures at all.

On top of that, adult dogs are much better at controlling their internal temperature than puppies and senior dogs, who tend to not tolerate cold or hot weather all too well.

The same goes for healthy dogs versus dogs with health conditions: If your pup suffers from kidney issues, diabetes, and heart problems, they'll be much less likely to tolerate colder temperatures, so they're going to need lots of special care to keep their bodies and paws warm.

Wrapping your senior dog and short-haired dog in a cozy sweater and giving them a fresh pair of dog boots will take care of most of their needs, but you'll have to do a little more than that if you really want to make sure they are feeling warm and comfortable!

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How to Take Care of Your Dog in Winter and Cold Weather

So, what else should you do during the winter to make sure your pooch's feet are protected and their fluffy body is warm enough to handle the cold winter months?

Protecting paws

The first thing you should do is invest in doggie care products that will keep your pet's paws crack-free and strong, which is especially important if you're not planning on having them wear a pair of dog boots every time you go out for a walk together.

Prevention is better than a cure when it comes to dog paws and winter injuries, so we recommend treating your pup's paws by rubbing them with a thin layer of paw care balm before you head out for a walk.

The goal is to make their paws smoother and less prone to cracks, so opt for a natural oil designed to treat dry and cracked paws, packed with antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin B complex. You can also opt for a natural defense wax that will create an extra layer of protection between your dog's paw and the icy pavement or salt road.

If you're looking for more moisture and a paw treatment product that is designed to treat paws that are already cracked and sore from the cold weather, you'll want to use a soothing balm instead, and make sure to keep your pet's paws out of the snow as much as possible while they recover.

Keeping your puppy's nose dry

Paw protectors aside, another key step to keeping your pup healthy and happy over the winter is to make sure their nose is also protected from the harsh weather.

All dog owners know that dogs with wet noses are usually considered to be in good health, while a dry nose, on the other hand, is usually a tell-tale sign of poor health.

Even though this might not necessarily be true in all cases, pups with a dry nose are more prone to experiencing painful cracks and even bleeding.

During the winter, your pup's nose will be more likely to get dry when exposed to the cold air and wind, increasing their risk of cracks.

So, if you want to keep their nose healthy and avoid all the worst effects of nose dryness, you should make sure to incorporate nose balms and oils into your puppy care routine, paying special attention to their cute snout right before you head out for your winter walk.

Many of the oils and balms that work wonders on dry and cracked paws will work just as well on their nose, but you can also shop for hydrating formulas that are specially designed for your pup's nose!

Dog in a Snow near Mountains

What Should you Look for When Shopping for Dog Booties?

Special routines and winter pup care aside, treating your pup to dog winter boots and protective shoes is the best thing you can do to keep them warm and comfortable through mild and extreme cold temperatures alike.

So what features should you look for picking your pup's next best booties?

Good grip and anti-slip sole

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing dog boots and shoes is that they should be grippy enough to prevent slipping.

Check the material the soles are made of to see if it's textured enough to provide a good grip and opt for anti-slip soles over leather soles whenever possible.


Next, you'll want to make sure the dog boots you've been eyeing are made of water-resistant material so that your pup's paws can stay warm and dry when walking through the snow.

Waterproof dog boots will usually be a little more expensive, but worth every penny.

Adjustable Velcro straps

Finally, you'll want to make sure the new booties will be a comfortable fit for your pup, as most dogs really don't enjoy the feeling of wearing shoes or boots.

Make sure you are getting the right size for your doggie's paws and look for dog boots with adjustable Velcro straps or adjustable ties to make them fit just right!

As a last tip, make sure your pup is used to wearing shoes and snow boots before you head outside for your big winter adventure. Walking in them will take a little time to get used to, so start fitting your puppy's paws with winter boots and fancy shoes indoors for a while before trying them out outdoors!

So, What are the Top 6 Dog Shoes for Winter?

From adorable sneakers to sturdy winter boots, doggie fashion can be as stylish as it is practical when you choose high-quality materials and winter-safe designs.

Here we list the best dog shoes for winter and beyond, so you can find the perfect pair to fit your pup's unique personality and style while keeping their paws warm:

Slip-On Paws Dog Booties

Dog Shoes

These slip-on booties are some of the most versatile and comfortable dog boots for winter on the market. They are incredibly soft and comfortable to wear in all temperatures.

They feature a functional design fitted with reflective stripes for extra safety and adjustable ties to make them fit snug. They are also anti-slip thanks to their handy dotted traction sole.

These are the perfect dog boots for pups that have a hard time getting used to wearing shoes, as they can slip on your dog's paw in a flash and feel light and cozy.

Choose between an ample range of sizes and colors to find the perfect fit for your pup!

City Shoes Dog Boots

Purple Haze City Shoes Dog Boots

Looking for something a little more unique?

These city boots are the perfect mix of fashionable and practical, featuring a durable rubber sole and a reinforced toe design for maximum durability. They also have a stylish colorful pattern to bring some much-needed sparkle and shine to the winter season.

While these eye-catching shoes are designed to make your pup feel more comfortable during the hottest months of the year, they are well suited to be worn all year round, including winter.

They are incredibly comfortable and easy to slip on and off, and they feature a handy Velcro strap for a snug, secure fit.

Dog Sneakers

Camo Dog Sneakers

If you don't live in an area where winters are overly cold but still want to make sure your best friend's paws are protected when walking around, why not give these stylish sneakers a try?

Handmade following the strictest of standards, these fashionable shoes feature an anti-slip sole to keep your pup from slipping on rainy and icy pavement as well as practical ankle straps for fitting comfortably.

They're made just like your everyday shoe, just a lot smaller!

Choose between a wide range of designs, colors, and sizes to complete your pup's brand-new look.

Mary Jane Dog Shoes

Pink Mary Jane Dog Shoes

Nothing beats a classic when it comes to shoes, and doggie shoes are really no different.

These adorable Mary Janes are best worn with a warm pair of puppy socks if you're planning on taking them out during the winter, but if your local temperatures are mild and the weather dry, there's really no better shoe to make your pup the talk of the town!

As an added bonus, they are also made of classic patent leather and feature a non-slip sole for extra durability and safety.

Saddle Dog Shoes

Pink Saddle Dog Shoes

If you're looking for a more unique twist on the classic Mary Jane design, you'll love these adorable saddle shoes coming in an irresistibly girly pink color, the perfect fit for a very girly pup!

Just like the Mary Janes, these shoes are not the most extreme weather-friendly, but if you're only going for a short walk and the temperatures are comfortably mild, we'd struggle to find a cuter shoe for your pup to wear!

Sporty Dog Sneakers

Sporty Dog Sneakers Poppy Pink

Finally, what winter-ready shoe should you treat a sporty, active dog to?

There's no better fit than these poppy pink sporty sneakers, featuring thick rubber soles for better grip and a strong mesh design for enhanced durability.
These adorable sneakers are a good fit for all occasions and seasons, protecting your pup's feet from mud and rough terrains, all while keeping them fashionable on the go.

Just like the Mary Janes and Saddle Shoes, the sporty sneakers might not be the best fit for extremely cold winters and snowy paths, but they are definitely a great addition to your pup's closet if you're looking for something versatile to have them wear during mild winters!

Browse The Best Dog Boots for a Fashionable Winter Season!

So, what dog boot design are you putting on your Christmas wishlist?

Whether you'll have your pup wear boots outside in the snow or even just indoors to keep their paws warm and toasty, these adorable sneakers and boots are bound to turn heads and impress with every step!

Browse our extensive collection of doggie shoes and socks for a cozy, stylish winter!

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