Winter Games For Dogs: Fun Outdoor and Indoor Activities

Stimulating your dog physically and mentally should be an integral part of your dog's daily routine— rain, sun, or snow. 

During winter, having your dog engage in some games is instrumental in keeping it fit, and most importantly, developing bonding with you (the owner). 

Below, we'll be taking a peek on the top winter games for dogs, how to engage in them, and what kind of clothing is required to participate in these games.

Winter Games For Dogs: What It Entails

Well, it's winter; a season that triggers mixed reactions. For some individuals, they love it; others, not so much. 

But hey! Today's article is set aside for our fluffy, snuggly friends, so best to focus on them.

For our pets, this cold weather causes different reactions. Due to dogs' varying structure, some love the cold, whilst others shy away from it.

As a result, the winter season sets a whole new routine for our pets. Here, there's a pressing need for new toys to keep them active. Warmer dresses that mostly consists; sweaters and boots are also crucial during outdoor walks.

Regardless of the weather, there are so many outdoor and indoor activities required to keep your dog fit and active.

If you're wondering how to exercise dogs in the winter, read on to learn the various indoor and outdoor winter games for dogs.

Outdoor Games for Dogs

White dog in a winter snow

Thinking of new outdoor games for your dog is usually challenging, seeing as we're all used to the usual "hide and seek". 

You'll probably like to play games more interesting than "fetch" with your dog. 

So here's a list of outdoor games for dogs. With these games, you'll get adventurous and closer to your dog than ever, despite the weather. They include:

Frisbee Toss

A great alternative to throwing sticks and balls for your dogs to catch are Frisbees.

If your dog is already familiar with catching toys and returning them to you, learning how to play a Frisbee would be a walk in the park.

Here, you start by throwing the Frisbee gently, and when your dog is getting used to that throw, you can then increase the distance and height of each throw.

If you're unable to go on that long walk with your dog, incorporate playing this game as part of winter activities to pass the time. 

Simply put, throwing Frisbees with dogs brings out enthusiasm you've never seen before from them.

Snowball Fetch

For you and your dog, this promises to be one exciting game. Here, the rules are pretty much straightforward. 

The only items needed to play this game effectively are; snowballs and of course, your dog.

Snowball fetch typically entails you throwing moulded piles of snowballs. Now, you'll want to ensure the balls are devoid of stones and sticks that can cause harm to your dog.

After running all these checks, you can now fling the ball in the same way you throw a Frisbee or ball. Your dog will be more than happy to go after it.

Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt is all about rewards for both you and your dog. 

For example, when you're taking an outdoor walk with your dog in the snow, you can hide some chew toys, dog biscuits, bones, and some special treat subtly along the way.

Here, you'll want to pick toys and food items that are large with shiny colors so that your dog can identify it. 

Depending on how well-trained your dog is, the phrase "find it" should trigger a mechanism for your dog to go around snooping for those toys and treats embedded in the snow. It's a great physical exercise that'll keep your dog fit throughout the winter.


Dog sledding has been in existence since 6000 B.C, and so it's not new to most dog lovers. Back then, it was used primarily as a means of transportation. However, these days, sledding is one of the most exciting winter games for dogs. 

It'd be best to have your dog with you on the sled while enjoying your day out in the cold; this act promotes bonding. Additionally, your dog can ride alone on the sled. However, ensure your canine friend is suitably clothed to prevent it from catching the chills.

Hill Roll

Going hill rolling is considered one of the simplest dog-friendly winter activities if you're fortunate enough to live in an area that features a safely elevated hill. 

Here, you're required to make snowballs that are medium-sized. Then roll them down the hill and make your dog pursue and pounce on them. 

Seeing them jump, pounce, and then go up and down the hill is relaxing, and you're sure to let out some giggles seeing them struggle in the snow.

Safety Measures During Outdoor Games

While the opportunity for you and your dog to play winter fun games are plentiful, pet owners should prioritize safety. 

Before you set out with your dog, make sure to get your pup dressed for the occasion. Besides the regular dressing, be sure to add sweaters and boots for your dog's safety and protection during the harsh winter weather. 

It'd be best if you checked the area your pooch will be playing to make sure it's safe, before heading out. Your dog must stay away from wired fences and frozen ponds that can pose a significant threat to its life.

As the outdoor fun time draws to an end, check your dog's paws to ensure that snow hasn't crept inside the boots. If you find any, rinse thoroughly to remove any salt or chemical from the snow, and then dry them off.

In cases where your dog is finding it hard to have fun in the outdoors, playing indoor games is a great alternative. 

Following all these safety measures will go a long way to make outdoor winter games more fun for you and your dog.

Indoor Games For Dogs

So your dog can't participate in outdoor games, maybe due to the cold or some health issues, what do you do? Well, there's an array of fun activities your dog can enjoy at the comfort of your home. The following are some indoor games for dogs:

Hide and Seek

One of the things to do with your dog in the winter is hide and seek. This game helps you bond more with your pooch. However, unlike the person to person scenario, the difficulty level when playing with a dog needs to be reduced significantly. 

To play this game, a little bit of training has to take place with your dog. Hide in areas where your fluffy friend can see you quickly and then call out your dog's name.

When they find you, pet them by giving them kisses or rubbing their heads tenderly. Doing this goes a long way in making this game enjoyable for your pup.

Chew Toys

Imagine you coming back after a long day at work to find your dog nibbling away on your favorite pair of shoes. Heart-wrenching, right?

Dogs have a natural tendency of chewing, especially when they're anxious, bored and filled with unreleased energy. 

Rather than spending your time teaching your dog not to nibble on everything it sees, consider investing on a chew toy. 

Thinking of buying a chew toy for your fluffy friend, be on the lookout for the following;


  • Size: A good chew toy shouldn't be too small to prevent your dog from choking on it. On the other hand, it shouldn't be too big, so that it can fit into your pup's mouth easily.
  • Hardness: Make sure it's not too hard. If it's too hard, it can break your dog's tooth, translating into avoidable dental expenses. An excellent way to figure out a chew toy's hardness is by pressing it against your thumb; if it doesn't give, find other alternatives.
  • Washability: You wouldn't want your dog going around with a chew toy that's dirty due to it not being washable. Therefore, a good chew toy should be able to withstand several washes without any breakage and residual dirt.
  • Entertainment Value: It should be able to keep your dog chewing for "hours on end." 

    Get a chew toy with all these features here.

    Make a Doggie Play Date

    One dog-friendly winter activity that doesn't require your dog to go outside to have fun is a doggie play date. 

    As the name implies, the idea of a doggie play date is simple— bringing together a few pups to enjoy each other's company in a controlled environment for a limited amount of time.

    Dogs are social animals. So, having them interact with other dogs and humans goes a long way in developing a healthy and happy dog.

    Also, playdates with other dogs bring about an air of familiarity with their peers. Consequently, they become less hostile when they encounter other animals.

    Tug of War

    During the winter, tug-of-war games are crucial for dogs. Here, having a large indoor space makes for a perfect setting.

    Many dogs love this game because it brings to the fore their predatory nature, usually not evident on regular days. It also toughens the bond between the dog and the owner.

    Watch for aggression here. If you notice your dog becoming a tad bit excited during this game, end the play immediately.


    Having your dog solve puzzles is a great indoor activity to engage it in during winter. 

    As seen in the image above, the Dog Brick dog toy is an excellent puzzle for your dog. Featuring easy to open compartments, you can hide treats and ask your dog to find them after rearrangements. 

    This puzzle is instrumental in training your dog's mind, making it much sharper and intuitive while reducing boredom. 

    Looking to make feeding fun and attractive? Click here to make an order today.

    Teach Your Dog New Tricks

    Teaching your pup new tricks is a great physical exercise to pass the time and strengthen the bond between you and your pup. 

    Here are some beautiful tricks you can teach your dog. They include;

    • Barking on command
    • Sitting pretty
    • Giving hugs
    • Standing on its hind legs
    • Spinning
    • Play dead

    Your dog is an intelligent creature; teaching them these tricks is sure to make them happy and excited at all times.

    Major Takeaway

    Keeping your dog warm during winter games can never be overemphasized. Ensuring they've dressed appropriately in the right jackets and sweaters when outdoors is crucial for their safety. 

    During Christmas, consider gifting your dog things like dog goggles and training toys, seeing as they make for thrilling and exciting indoor games. 

    Visit here today for an extensive list of toys and costumes for your fluffy, canine companion. It's winter! Make life-changing memories with your fluffy friend by your side.

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