Best Dog Costumes to Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving, one of the most beautiful times of the year when friends and family get together, is quickly approaching. While the Thanksgiving dinner might look a bit different this year - nobody canceled festive costumes or a cheerful mood - even for your pup. 

While your dog might look like it cares about nothing more than a treat or those delicious turkey leftovers (or pats from their human pack) don't forget to dress your pup into cute costumes if you want them to be the star of the party. 

While many dogs seem to enjoy their threads, don't worry if yours is more inclined as a naturist. You can still come up with many creative ways to dress up Fido for holidays with fun accessories. After all, a Thanksgiving-themed outfit will win over guests so your little floof can get all the loved-up play, cuddles, and heart-warming thanks they deserve.

Just make sure to select clothing that matches their size, energy levels, and personality. You want your dog to be comfortable and classy in their new get-up, not whisking around in a fuss over wardrobe dramas (especially in a turkey costume!).

Here is a round-up of the best thanksgiving dog costumes:


1. A Turkey Costume

When it comes to celebrating Thanksgiving, you simply can’t go wrong with an old-fashioned turkey dog costume. This classic get-up comes in traditional Thanksgiving colors, yellow, brown, red, and orange - the palette that will make sure your pooch won’t go unnoticed. The costume, however, requires a fair amount of cooperation from your pet, as legs are the most challenging part. 

Turkey Dog Costume

With this adorable get-up, your pooch will be equipped for the festivities and looking hot to trot. Hot to turkey trot, that is.

This costume works better for smaller dogs such as chihuahuas, terriers, and corgis because their small frame and short hair make it easier to fit comfortably into the suit.


2. A Turkey-themed Dress 

OK, so maybe only the ultra committed party-going pups will want to walk for hours wrapped up in a turkey costume, even though they're looking super sharp! There is another way to keep them happy without compromising on Thanksgiving's most iconic modern emblem.

If you have a female dog, you could opt for an adorable turkey-themed dress. This costume comes in classic Thanksgiving colors and is lightweight enough that your dog will not get too hot while running around the dinner table. 

The rhinestones on the back add an extra touch of bling that will reflect in the candlelight and make your dog look like the shining star they really are!


3. A Bandana 

No time to shop for your pooch holiday wardrobe? No problem! You can still add a holiday touch to his appearance. Just check out some of the adorable bandanas from the Thanksgiving collection that feature festive phrases.

Boss Lady Bandana

We love bandanas because they provide the ultimate comfort with their soft fabric textures. It will feel the same to your dog as wearing a collar. Plus, these accessories are fitted with either a tie or a snap fastener, so they're super easy to get on and off. You'll have more time to tend to the turkey and your excited guests.


4. A Headdress 

If you prefer a minimalistic Thanksgiving outfit but don't want to neglect your pup's flamboyant nature, you can get one of those adorable Thanksgiving-themed headdresses. For example, check out the turkey headband. These work for a variety of breeds (and super busy dog owners) and are one of the easiest ways to accessorize your dog. 

When you put the headdress on, ensure that it doesn't obstruct your pup's view. Many headdresses can be fitted around the back of a dog's neck - away from the ears and eyes - so they can enjoy the delightful sights and sounds in the holiday spirit.


5. A Pilgrim Costume 

As a true dog lover, you know that the best costume is the one that your pooch loves. That’s why if some of those classic versions don’t work, you should think about getting a Pilgrim Boy Costume. It comes with a black outfit and white cuffs just like the old-fashioned pilgrims from back in the day. This get-up is adorned with a belt that easily glides through the belt loops around the costume and is secured by a slick metal buckle on the back.

The icing on the cake that makes this suit super special is the signature Pilgrim Hat! Make sure to measure your dog before purchasing this costume as it’s best suited for smaller breeds.

What's great about this option is how it lends to versatility. Your pup can wear it again and again for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, or a smooth Sunday stroll through the park.

Aim for a fit that's tight but snug. After all, you don't want clothing drooping on the floor or restricting your pet in any way.


6. A Pilgrim Girl Costume 

And what if you have a girl dog? Don't worry, a female pup loves the Pilgrim Girl Costume for dogs so that she can get all of the attention that she needs at the party. Much like the pilgrim boy costume, you can also put it on your four-legged friend when you go to other parties throughout the year, such as Halloween, or St. Patrick's Day,  for example. This classy thanksgiving dog dress comes with an apron, white collar and sleeve cuffs, and an adorable white bonnet.

Pilgrim Girl Dog Costume

Snap fasteners down the front hold the garment in place to make the dressing process easy and comfortable for both of you. This outfit will help your fashionista make a holiday statement to boot!


7. A Thanksgiving T-shirt 

A cute t-shirt is never the wrong choice for your dog's Thanksgiving outfit. For example, you can buy a t-shirt with an adorable turkey face that is going to allow them to move around freely. Plus, the lightweight fabric means puppies won't overheat if they decide to retire for a snooze in front of the roaring fire after a delectable feast.

A t-shirt is also a great choice because compared to more elaborate Thanksgiving dog costumes because the stretchy cloth is easy to put on and take off your pup. If your dog has a laid-back style and attitude, the t-shirt may be their favorite wardrobe addition yet.


8. A Bow and a Hat 

Keep your pooch classy with a simple bow and a hat. While this might remind some of the Christmas elf costumes, if you choose dark colors and accentuate them with a ribbon or dog booties in bright celebratory colors, nobody will mistake your Fido for a Christmas elf.

There are so many complementing or contrasting combinations to choose from. To create a full costume, you could also add an elegant tuxedo adorned with orange, yellow, or red colors. The creative possibilities are endless!

Depending on how fashion-forward your pup is, the bow can be worn to the front, the back, or on either side of their neck. We're going to award bonus points to anyone who is up for a cute matching bow and hat to dress in theme with your pooch for the festivities!


9. A Bow Tie 

Dog thanksgiving clothes don't need to be complicated.

If the festive season has you running on your toes, and shopping for pet costumes is not on your schedule, just put a classic bow tie on your bow wow ahead of the party.

It might seem like not much of an outfit to you, but big fluffy breeds such as Alaskan Malamutes or Saint Bernards prefer simplistic options like this, as fitting clothing may not be compatible with their fur length or activity levels. A little festive accessory is better than nothing to show your dog how much you care.

A Bow Tie

You might have your hands full preparing food for your holiday party, buying presents, and making arrangements with your friends and family, but no matter how busy your schedule might get, you should never forget about your Fido.

10. A sweater 

While it might be a bit too early for the annual ugly sweater Christmas party, a nice holiday sweater for your four-legged friend is a great idea.

Even a simple festive sweater could look adorable on your dog if you find the right colors and use some imagination. Check online stores, and you will find dog sweaters in all sorts of colors, and you don’t have to look long to find something for your Thanksgiving party.

Dog Sweater

There’s a range of soft, stretchy sweaters available that are so easy to pull on and off, and will fit snuggly on your pooch to ensure they are happy and comfortable.

Blanket a cozy sweater around short-hair breeds like Chihuahuas and Greyhounds to wrap them up in extra warmth for this late autumn celebration. And don't forget to put it on your pooch before you take them out for a thanksgiving walk to protect their bodies from the crisp air.


Whether you want to purchase one of these Thanksgiving dog costumes so your pooch can steal the show, or to organize a cute family photoshoot with Fido in the middle, let your creativity run free! 

When creating a festive ensemble for your dog, remember that aside from being cute and fashionable, it has to be comfortable and fit right, above all. Have a trial run in the costume before the big event to make sure that the outfit fits snugly are there are no last-minute wardrobe catastrophes.

When shopping, keep in mind your dog’s breed, size, and temperament because the last thing you want to do is buy a cute outfit that will restrain your dog’s motion and otherwise make him or her uncomfortable. Each costume should come with instructions and exact measurements, and ideally, you should take your dog to the pet store, so he or she could wear it in front of you before you purchase it. 

Dog clothing is meant to be fun, and thanksgiving is one of the most festive and doting holidays we share with our family, friends, and fur babies. Show them you really care and honor this age-old American tradition by donning some slick threads to boot!

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