Orthopedic Dog Beds for Large & Extra Large Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friends, and they deserve little comforts like an excellent bed and shelter. Your dog is likely to live out its best life when it has ample space to move around and rest. Therefore, it’s essential to give more thought to your canine pet’s bed than a basket with a few clothes laid.

Are you looking for the perfect bed for your canine pet? Orthopedic dog beds are some of the best options you can find on the market for large dogs and tiny ones as well. They’re gentle on your dog’s joints, pressure points and generally help them sleep better.

However, as with most pet products, orthopedic beds aren’t one-size-fits-all. You wouldn’t want to get the wrong size for your pet, especially when they’re large dogs or extra-large ones. 

The following discusses some of the tips to know when shopping for orthopedic dog beds and reasons to pick one for your dog. Also, we highlight the best dog beds you can currently buy with their specifications and our recommendations on them.

Why Do Dogs Also Need Orthopedic Beds?

Many dog owners wonder if an orthopedic bed is worth the money for their dogs. Generally, you might think they're a good buy, given how many advantages we'd get from an orthopedic human bed. 

However, there are many more benefits your dog stands to gain from an orthopedic bed beyond comfort. These are therapeutic dog beds that provide better support than regular beds and reduce stress on canines' bodies when they lay down. 

Orthopedic dog beds can help fix several joint and bone problems your dog might be having, thanks to the memory foam technology they often use. They are effective against issues like arthritis, bone or tissue injuries, and hip dysplasia. Likewise, your furry friend would feel less pain when they lay down on an orthopedic bed.

Need more reasons to get your pet an orthopedic bed? You might want to observe your dog’s behavior towards its current bed. If they’re having difficulty getting in bed or keep changing their positions while in it, then it’s time to bump them up to an orthopedic foam mattress.

How to Choose the Right Orthopedic Bed?

Despite all the orthopedic goodness beds offer, we wouldn’t advise that you go right ahead and get any random product for your dog. It’s essential to note the dimensions that fit your dog's size. However, several factors determine the right orthopedic bed for your canine friend as a whole, including:

The Perfect Size

Your dog might be big, bulky, or skinny. Therefore, it follows that you look for extra large dog beds that accommodate them. Getting a smaller bed means that large dogs don’t get to stretch their bodies as desired, causing them discomfort no matter how good the memory foam is. On the other hand, a large dog bed could give your pet a little anxiety and insecurity.

Thankfully, there’s a guide to finding extra large dog beds, or the right bed size for your dog. Here's an example with some of the standard weights and sizes:

Dog’s weight - the size of bed

1-10 lbs. - 18” L x 13” W

11-25 lbs. - 24” L x 18” W

26-30 lbs. - 30” L x 20” W

41-70 lbs. - 36” L x 23” W

71-90 lbs. - 42” L x 28” W

91-110 lbs. - 48” L x 30” W

Remember to convert the metrics to whichever you find suitable. You'd notice that the heavier the bed is, the wider its area becomes. Big dogs would appreciate the weight-to-area distribution more.

To Bolster or Not to Bolster?

Besides the right size for dog beds, you’d have to consider the bolsters around them. Bolstering is a detail that pet owners often neglect, partly because they believe that their dogs would adjust to the bed over time.

Bolsters are the low, narrow cushions that can exist along the bed’s edges. When there, they offer extra support for the dog’s head. Bolsters are quite common on extra large dog beds for this reason.

You could consider bolsters if your dog has a docile personality, as it helps them feel secure. On the other hand, it’s best to leave out the bolsters if your dog is care-free: they’d get to sprawl all over and hang their heads over the bed’s edge.

The Right Bed Height

Dog in a bed

An orthopedic bed – or any bed for that matter would typically have specific clearance above the ground, and you must consider the height for your dog's situation. Typically, beds for large dogs need to have the right ground clearance, so that the size doesn't become an issue.

For instance, if an extra-large dog bed is too high, your dog might have a more challenging time climbing into the bed, escalating whatever limb or joint pain it has. A similar scenario plays out if the orthopedic bed is too close to the ground.

Consider the Bed Materials

It might interest you to know that not all dog beds uphold quality in the materials used. Therefore, it’s best to look for products made of excellent and resilient items.

Some of the more inferior materials include high-density foam, recycled fiber, and convoluted foam. They’re likely to degrade much faster, and you're more likely to notice it on extra large dog beds. It's best to stay away from these materials altogether. Instead, you could go for a memory foam dog bed that adjusts to the contours and shape of your dog’s body.

However, a memory foam bed has its specifications and can exist in various forms. For instance, the slow recovery visco-elastic memory foam offers an impressive level of support for big dogs and can last for several years.

Manufacturers label memory foam dog mattresses between 3lbs and 5lbs, with the former being the lowest quality and the latter the highest quality. Foams at the middle of the scale are the most preferable.

Typically, memory foams in orthopedic beds come in laid flat sheets and cost significantly more than other options. However, there are beds with shredded memory foam chips that you can check out as well. While they don’t have sheet memory foam’s quality, the chip versions cost less and offer protection against overheating.

Pick a Washable Cover

Your pet’s bed space needs to be clean at all times. If it’s got an orthopedic bed, you’d need a removable cover to keep it clean as the dog lays on it. It’s best to choose a machine washable bed cover since you can reuse it for as long as possible. A waterproof liner around the covers could also be an excellent idea, especially if your dog suffers from bladder or bowel leakages.

Best Orthopedic Dog Beds

At this point, you might have gotten an idea of what to look for when you shop for your dog’s orthopedic bed. We’ll take things a notch further by highlighting some of the best dog beds on the market currently. 

Weston Chair Dog Bed Charcoal


We start the list with the Weston Chair dog bed. It’s got a unique design (the bed looks like a sofa, basically) that makes it unassuming in your living area. You can tell the bed’s color from the name: charcoal grey. The color isn't flashy and any dog breed would love it.

Also, the Weston Chair dog bed uses high-quality foam cushioning for maximum comfort, limb, and joint support. The package comes in Dacron finish and a separate foam core for the pillows. It's the sort of material that big dogs would love. 

These features also mean the materials are machine washable. The bed’s frame sits on four 2-inch legs that reduce air drafts while your dog is asleep. These legs also have anti-slip pads to keep the mattress in place while protecting your flooring at the same time.

Furthermore, the Weston dog bed comes in several sizes, catering to dogs as big as 80lbs. You should consider the product if you have a reasonably sizable canine pet and want its bed to look less like a conventional dog bed.

Traditional Bliss Dog Bed

Traditional Bliss Dog Bed Flash Charcoal

Do you need your dog’s bed to look more “traditional”? The Traditional Bliss dog bed is as good an option as you can get at the moment. Aesthetically, this orthopedic bed looks welcoming, and your dog would have no trouble getting in and out of it.

It comes in two colors; black and shaggy grey. Both hues are muted and don't intrude on any decor plans you already have in the room. The bed doesn’t have any bolsters, save for a cushioned headboard. Pets could enjoy their freedom and security with such a layout. The entire frame has an elevation, thanks to the 2-inch legs underneath it. 

Moving on, you‘d find the orthopedic bed layered with high-density foam, complete with hollow siliconized polyester fiberfill. All that gets covered with machine-washable Dacron to give your dog a more comfortable feeling. Also, it'd alleviate joint or limb pains older dogs tend to have as well.

Another exciting feature about the Traditional Bliss dog bed is its size: you can choose from small, medium, or large.

Soho Milo Dog Bed

Soho Milo Dog Bed White/Navy Velvet

The Soho Milo dog bed is one of the best options for large dogs you’ve got to check out.  It’s an excellent option if you’d like your dog to experience a fancy new bed. The white and pink colors look chic, and the velvet finish on the top gives the bed a more luxurious feel. 

Also, the bed is washable and comes in different sizes for your dog, however big it might be. The foam filling is durable and comfortable and helps your dog relieve stress on the limbs. 

Furthermore, the orthopedic bed does away with any bolsters, so you have to check if your dog can do without them. It also has raised legs, fitted with pads for less noise and scratching.

Veneto Settee Dog Bed

Veneto Settee Dog Bed Tan

Another excellent orthopedic dog bed you’d need to consider is the Veneto Settee dog bed. It looks like a regular sofa and can be an ideal bed for your pet. The bed feels premium, thanks to its pewter velvet material and metal shade. Also, it has two bolsters with the option to attach a neck roll pillow. 

Beneath the top surface, you’d find conjugate virgin polyester fiberfill packings that soothe the sore points on your dog’s body. It also helps them to get a great night's sleep and move more freely in bed. The cushions and pillows can also go in the washing machine, making them washable and suitable for sustainable use over the years.

Metro Chair Dog Bed

Metro Chair Dog Bed Performance Oatmeal

Fancy an orthopedic dog bed that looks so nice it makes you want to sit in it when your canine friend isn’t watching? The Metro Chair is the best dog bed fits the bill and is one product your pet would love.

The black and shaggy black color pair sets the right aesthetics. It won’t confuse your dog as much as flashier hues would. The top layer has a felt-like, scraggy texture to give the pet dog a playful and cozy feel.

Further down the bed lies some of the best high-density foams in the industry. It can handle your dog’s weight and displace the strain on their limbs and bones. The small, medium or extra-large size options make the products the most versatile dog beds for large dogs. 

Wrapping Up

Orthopedic beds are a significant upgrade from your dog beds, as they offer more support and comfort. However, with so many options on the market today, what features should you look for to get the best dog bed for your budget?

Our tips above and product recommendations can help you understand how to choose the right orthopedic bed for your furry friend. They also highlight some of the best dog beds that are long-lasting and much more durable than the competition.

Picking orthopedic dog beds could be a drag. There are so many options, and it might take some time to settle on one. Our rich catalog has options that allow you to transform your dog’s sleeping experience and make it more artsy, playful, and comfortable.

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