The Best Dog Jackets and Sweaters

The best defense against a windy day or a drafty house is an additional layer in the form of a cozy sweater or jacket. The additional warmth keeps us extra warm and cozy as we sit by the window and watch the snow flurries fall. Humans have been using sweaters and jackets for a long time, and we have developed plenty of materials, designs, and patterns to choose from so we can be comfortable and fashionable too.

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But what can you do if your dog catches a chill on their morning walk? Now you can get your dog sweaters and jackets that are just as fashionable and cozy as the ones you know and love.

Do dogs get cold in winter?

Most people assume that their dogs’ coats keep their body temperature regulated in response to the weather, but this is only true for some dogs. Some dogs are bred to endure cold temperatures such as the St. Bernard, Siberian Husky, and Alaskan Malamute, to name a few. These dogs are large and they have thick, multi-layer coats to keep them warm through the coldest of winters. Smaller breeds with short coats like a Dachshund or Chihuahua are not built for cold weather and have a much harder time regulating their body temperature in response to the weather.

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How do I know if my dog is cold?

A general rule of thumb for small, short-haired dogs is; if you’re cold, they’re cold. Keep an eye out for shivering, shaking, and rapid breathing. If you think they might be too cold, check the temperature of their ears and feet. Your dog may also whine or appear anxious. The best thing to do in these situations is to bring your pet inside where it’s warm. Consider getting them a dog jacket or dog sweater to help them keep some of that body heat close.

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How do I find the best dog sweater?

Keeping your pup warm during the cold seasons is one of your responsibilities as a dog parent. While there are many ways to do this, one of the most practical ways (and the most fun, let’s be honest) is to dress them up in a warm dog sweater that fits well and is made from comfortable materials. Not sure how to find the right one? We’re here to help!

Finding the right fit

How do you know if the dog sweater you got actually fits your dog? The perfect puppy sweater is snug enough that it will not bother them as they go about their day, but will still keep them warm and feeling cozy if it gets too cold. The right fit is important because it will determine how effective the sweater is. If it’s too tight, it could restrict their movement or breathing ability. If it’s too loose, it could get caught on something or cause your dog to trip and injure themselves. Look for a dog sweater that’s easy to get on and off. Walks shouldn’t have to begin with a struggle to get your dog dressed.

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Custom sweaters for dogs fit differently depending on design and maker, but most of them will require you to measure your dog’s body length, neck size, and chest girth. Other designs may also require you to measure the legs for the sleeves, the neck for the collar, and the placement of the leash hole (if applicable). Most designers provide a size chart to help you find the right one. If you’re wondering, it’s always best to ask!

Choosing the best materials

The material is a very important factor when choosing the perfect dog sweater. Wool is a strong material that provides great insulation. It’s known for its ability to retain heat even when wet, which is great for locations that get a lot of snow during the winter. Most wool dog sweaters may require hand-washing and hang-drying.

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If wool isn’t your dog’s thing, try an acrylic blend for a bit of extra softness. Acrylic is generally cheaper and easier to care for than wool, but it doesn’t maintain the same integrity over time or provide as much insulation, especially when wet.

How do I find the best dog jacket?

Sometimes a sweater just doesn’t cut it and your dog requires an additional outer shell to keep out moisture or penetrating winds. Dog jackets are more than just adorable fashion statements. The added warmth and protection of a dog jacket could help encourage your dog to go out for some exercise or even just to do their doggie business. Dogs get cabin fever too, and a jacket helps keep them happy and healthy throughout the dreary months.

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Consider the function

What is the jacket’s purpose? If you’re looking for a jacket to keep out the rain and wind, it’s best to look for a dog raincoat. Dog raincoats are made from waterproof materials that keep them dry and warm, not to mention clean! Some dog raincoats come with a lining for a bit of added warmth.

In less extreme weather, a spring or fall dog jacket will do the trick. These are intended to add just a bit of warmth and comfort while maximizing style! There are tons of styles to choose from, including hoodies, pullovers, vests, and even blanket-style jackets that wrap your dog in comfort.

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Is your pup getting on in dog years? Just like humans, as your dog gets older, their ability to handle cold weather diminishes. It is your responsibility to be proactive and provide them with the resources they need. A sweater or jacket for your senior dog can help trap valuable body heat and improve circulation.

Recommended Products

Here are some of our favorite dog sweaters and jackets available right now!

Barkingham Grey Hoodie Dog Sweater

Barkingham Grey Hoodie Dog Sweater

Do you have a go-to cable knit sweater that you just love to wear on colder days? With the hand made Barkingham Grey dog sweater, it is now possible for your fur baby to match with you! It even comes with a hood to keep their little ears protected and is finished with beautiful hand-dyed grey buttons.


Camper Vest Red And Black Dog Jacket

Camper Vest Red And Black Dog Jacket

This fashionable and functional tri-color designer dog coat is perfect for the rainy season because of its water-resistant feature. The high-collar fit will keep your dog warm around the neck and head. It’s also super easy to put on and take off.


Swiss Alpine Dog Jacket

Swiss Alpine Dog Jacket

Getting ready to hit the slopes with your dog this winter? This designer ski vest for dogs is a perfect choice! Not actually into skiing? No problem. The hood with faux fur is detachable, so you can keep your pet warm using only the dog vest. It features a thick and water-resistant outer shell, and it’s easily washable!


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