The Top 5 Best Waterproof Dog Raincoats With A Hood

Do dogs need raincoats? Well, technically, no, but we all know how annoying it can be to bring a wet dog home. The mess. The smell. The dirt all over your white sofa. Nightmare!

It doesn't have to be this way. Raincoats for dogs are a simple (and stylish) solution to your wet and cold dog issues. Dog raincoats are usually built for functionality and not beauty. But, here at Bitch New York, we have a selection of dog raincoats with hoods that do both. 

When buying your special pooch a raincoat, quality should be the priority. You want something that looks good, but the aim should be to keep your dog protected from the rain and keep her comfortable. 

Here are the top 5 dog raincoats with a hood you can get from Bitch New York right now.

Visibility Dog Raincoat Black

Visibility Dog Raincoat Black

Considered by many as one of the best dog raincoats on the planet. The Visibility is the perfect, fully waterproof raincoat for your pooch.

It's specially designed to keep your dog dry, comfortable, and stylish all at once. It comes with a special inner wool mix lining that will keep your dog warm and snuggly. 

The coat and its seams are 100% waterproof, and the smart reflective surface makes your dog visible to pedestrians and cars for safety. Your dog will feel dry and warm, and you will have peace of mind knowing she is safe and visible.

The hood does a great job of stopping water from coming inside the coat. It also allows you to cover your dog's ears for extra warmth. There is a useful leash opening which can be sealed with the waterproof zipper. Adjustable neckline and waist keep your dog comfortable at all times. 

Brock Winter Dog Coat

Brock Dog Coat

Puppia has created the ultimate winter coat for dogs. It is built to deal with extreme cold and is fully waterproof with a removable hood. If you live in cold or snowy regions, this is the perfect dog raincoat for your pooch.

The Brock winter coats come with a removable faux fur lined hood, which is excellent for protecting the dog's head from the rain. If it's not raining, the hood can quickly come off and allow your pooch to enjoy the warmth of a coat while giving her head more freedom.

The raincoat shell is made from 100% nylon, and the lining is 100% polyester. It is built to last and provides your pooch with the ultimate comfort during the rainy season or winter.

Wilderness Dog Coat

Wilderness Dog Coat

presents this incredibly useful coat designed to fight off the rain and protect your dog at all times. It comes with a protective hood to keep the dog's head dry and comfortable.

This raincoat is lighter than the winter coat above and is more suitable for April showers or regions where winter is slightly warmer but still wet. 

The material is 100% polyester and coated for extra water resistance. It also comes with adjustable strings and cords to adjust to your dog and keep her snug. The neck and chest are also adjustable to further improve comfort for your pooch.

Drizzle Dog Coat Raven

Drizzle Dog Coat Raven

Perfect for cold and wet areas of the country, the Drizzle Dog Raincoats is built to protect your pooch from even the most extreme elements. It is thick, warm, cozy, and 100% waterproof.

The coat is incredibly useful for colder climates due to the unique warming foil patterning in it's lining. The innovative aluminum foil reflects the dog's body heat, which stimulates blood circulation, which warms the dog. 

The vertical seams help to keep the dog protected from the rain and comfortable at all times. There is even a waterproof rain trap along the collar to prevent water seeping in around the dog's neck.

Bespoke Dog Raincoat

Bespoke Dog Raincoat Navy

Made in Italy, this bespoke dog raincoat is both stylish and functional. Perfect for the rains of Spring, Summer, and Autumn, this raincoat will keep your pooch light, breezy, and dry.

It's the perfect light waterproof jacket for hiking or long walks. Due to the raincoat's lightness and a quality fit, your dog is free to move as normal. 

The raincoat is fully waterproof, lined, and embroidered in camel with the classic Schnauzer logo and edged with the same color of the embroidery. 

The Bespoke Raincoat is an essential piece of clothing for your dog. It is made with the highest quality, including a hood with closure and a leather strap that fastens to the chest for an ideal fit and protection of the body from the bad weather.

The Best Material for a Dog Raincoat

Always choose a material that will allow you to easily shake the raincoat after use to dry quickly. Most dog raincoats will use a coating that allows water to run off onto the ground efficiently. 

It's essential to buy quality too. Your dog is likely to bash his raincoat around on all sorts of things like the path, rocks, bushes, and trees. You need a raincoat that is strong and durable.

Some dog raincoats feature unique materials like wool for the lining (see the Visibility quote above). Wool is an excellent clothing material that works with the carrier's body heat to keep them comfortable.


No dog is created equal, and so you must consider the sizing before you buy any raincoat for your dog. You need to consider two things: the dog's size and shape.

Different breeds can be measured at the same size, but their body shape may be completely different. It's essential to buy a raincoat that is easily adjustable for this reason.

Many raincoats will include neck, waist, and length straps that are adjustable. The more adjustable the raincoat, the better you can adapt it to your dog's unique size and shape.


It's best to keep your dog's raincoat simple. The fewer frills, the better. The focus should be a good fit and quality waterproof materials that will keep your dog warm, dry, and comfortable. 

However, you can still accessorize elsewhere. Dog boots are a great way to further improve your dog's waterproofing and help keep their paws protected from dirt and snow.

A comfortable dog hat will also help keep your dog's head extra protected and warm, especially during winter.

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