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Dog Vests

Make your dog even more fashionable and cool with our wide range of dog harness vests. If you are looking to take your dog to a party or any fashion event, we’ve got a variety of vests at Bitch New York to savor your needs. You can now create fabulous wear for your pup with a custom dog vest.

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Chomp Sidekick Dog Harness

From $30.00 - $39.00

Foxy Sidekick Dog Harness

From $30.00 - $39.00

Why your dog needs a dog vest

A dog vest is one of the most versatile products to keep your dogs active. It lets your pup join you and enjoy wherever you go, whether it is hiking on a mountain trail or just a party. Do you think there is any other way to make your pup look cool other than making him wear a vest? No, we don’t think so! It is easy to understand why dog vests are important. They come in a variety to cater to the styles and needs of your dog. Bitch New York has a vast collection of designer dog vests that will make your pet look fantastic and fashionable.

Dog vest harness can be useful because:

  • Vests make it easier to walk.
  • It gives more control and protects the dog well.
  • A good dog harness vest features D rings that let all the pressure come to the chest between front legs when the dog pulls.
  • It keeps the dog comfortable and fit to play even under the sun during summers.
  • It lets your dog feel safe.
  • There are some dogs, especially large breeds, that do well walking on a vest harness because it puts pressure on their chest instead of the neck, and they look great too.

How do you choose the best vest for your dog?

When it comes to choosing the best harness vest for your dog, there are a few different aspects you must keep in mind:

Proper fit and comfort

All the dog vests come in with different styles, designs, and fits, but you must check on which one suits your dog perfectly. All you need to do is measure your dog and look for the right vest according to your dog. A tight or loose vest maybe a lot more uncomfortable for your dog.


You must check the quality of the used material while selecting a dog vest for your little friend. Many dog vests are designed with nylon material, and some come in silk and cotton as well. So it is a must for you to look for comfortable fabric that may suit your dog’s skin perfectly.

Safety and style

You can look up for styles to make your dog look like a celebrity, but you must also not ignore safety and security. Safety comes in handy from many brands when you look up for a dog vest. It is a must for you to consider pet safety to be a priority. Select the dog vest with a perfect fit and good harness design for complete safety.


We know that you’ll look for less expensive products, but you must keep in mind that low price products may not do much good. Try to look for products that are affordable and made up of good and decent quality material.

Featured Products

Damask Delight Reversible Dog Harness Vest

If you have a vest that is also reversible, it would be best, like nothing else. Damask Delight Reversible Dog Harness Vest offers two completely different looks. This is one of the trendiest features you can get while you are looking for a dog vest harness. This product comes in various sizes.

The Gavin Silk Dog Harness Vest

This vest is a piece of attraction in your little pup’s closet. The product is highly featured because it is made of raw silk that is 100% pure and comes in with a knotty texture. The reverse side of this vest is made with spandex. This product is best for everyday purposes. It also features an excellent adjustable belt.

The Lawrence Blue Plaid Dog Harness Vest

If you want your pup to look cute, then this blue and yellow plaid dog harness vest is the best choice to go for. It also is best for the skin as it is made up of 100% cotton. The reverse side of it is made of spandex that brings along fit and comfort.

Pro Tips

Vest harness is easy to wash

Just like you wash your own clothes, your pup’s vest harness needs to be washed the same way, or rather a bit more mildly. Materials like silk, cotton, nylon are used to make dog vest harnesses, and it's usually an easy and quick wash. We recommend hand wash rather than machine wash.

Keeps warm in cooler climates

Many of us don’t know about this, but a vest harness is a great player in cooler climates as they are warm and comfortable. Your pup will love to play out even during winters as they will feel warm with the help of the vest harness. The best part is, the vest will also give them a perfect celebrity look.

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