The Best Dog Beds for 2020

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to get better sleep? Sleep is so important to our quality of life and the same applies to our dogs. A brand new decade is upon us which means it’s time to stop denying the importance of sleep and upgrade your dog’s bedtime situation. Give them the gift of a luxurious night’s sleep, night after night, by choosing from some of the best dog beds of 2020.

A dog’s dream bed

Much like humans, dogs can be picky about when, where, and how they sleep. Many of these factors are determined by things like size and breed, but they can also change over time. For this reason, it’s important to consider a bed that will accommodate your dog’s needs as they grow and change.

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Dogs experience the same difficulties as humans in terms of the accessibility and mobility challenges that come with age. Little details like your dog’s type of coat as well as the evening habits and routines you share play a role in selecting the right dog bed too. Here are a few things we recommend you keep in mind as you select the perfect dog bed to keep your dog sleeping soundly through the new year, as well as the years to come.

Prioritize comfort, function, and safety

A quick Google search will reveal to you the vastness that is the lavish world of dog products and accessories. Dog beds are no exception—with choices ranging from royal canopy beds to chaise lounges and fainting chairs complete with dresser drawers—but a quality dog bed is important to your dog’s health and wellbeing. Your dog deserves a well-thought-out decision that focuses on their comfort...and then their cuteness!

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Materials over everything

A princess canopy dog bed might be the thing that launches your pooch to Instagram fame, but the factors that will ultimately decide whether they use that bed to sleep at night are the materials from which it is made. It’s quite simple, really. Your dog will sleep on a bed that feels good to them.

The best dog bed is the ideal blend of soft yet firm. Your dog’s individual needs will determine the perfect fit. For example, firm beds are better for adult dogs while soft, memory foam beds are best for senior dogs with achy joints.

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Lining materials should reflect climate—both inside and out. If you and your dog live in a location where it is warm for much of the year, consider a bed made from breathable materials to help your dog evenly disperse their body heat as they slumber. Waterproof and washable covers and liners are great conveniences for dogs who enjoy a roll in the mud as well as pups still getting used to their bathroom routine.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, make sure your dog bed is made from non-toxic materials, both inside and out. Your dog might love their new bed, but if they’re a chewer, there’s a chance they could access small pieces of the fabric and stuffing. You don’t want to wait until it happens to do your research.

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Types of dog beds

As we mentioned above, dog beds come in all shapes, sizes, and designs so we broke them down into the most popular types to help you choose the perfect bed for your pup.

Orthopedic dog beds

Orthopedic beds conform to your dog’s body and ease pressure on arthritic joints, dysplastic hips, and hot spots. Many are constructed with firm, dense, memory foam mattresses that feature easy-to-enter sides for dogs with aching muscles and stiff joints. Cushioned bolsters on donut or snuggle style orthopedic beds help to provide additional support for the head, neck, and legs.

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Pillow dog beds

Does your dog hog the bed? You’ve got a sprawler and it’s time you got them a bed that can accommodate all their stretchy needs. This type of dog bed is perfect for large dogs or for small dogs that need their space. Most pillow beds are also quite light, making it easy to change up sleeping arrangements if necessary. You can often use them as kennel liners or even throw it in the car for your next road trip. Pillow beds are generally available in square, rectangle, oval and circular shapes.

Snuggle dog beds

This type of dog bed is ideal for small to medium-sized dogs. Snuggle beds have raised sides or bolsters along the edges to support your dog through the night, making them feel cozy and safe even when you’re away. The sides are great for providing a bit of extra support for achy necks and legs at bedtime.

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Canopy dog beds

Does your dog get overwhelmed easily or distracted by small noises and movement in the night? Canopy dog beds aim to address these issues by providing a built-in cover to create the perfect hideaway for your pup. The canopy bed is great for a nap outdoors, as it naturally provides extra protection from the sun and insulates your pup from chilly winds and cold temps.

Furniture dog beds

This type of dog bed is perfect for your little prince or princess, but all glamor factors aside, this type of bed is great for luring your dog away from the new couch. They can easily blend in with your existing interior design and even elevate your space. These are great for dogs who enjoy a firmer mattress and the elevated bed makes it a responsible choice for cold weather climates as it keeps your pup off the cold tiles or hardwood flooring.

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The dog beds of the decade

These popular designer dog beds from Bitch New York are so comfy and cozy, you’ll wish you had one to match. Send your pup into 2020 in style and comfort with some of these top sellers.



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Custom swaddle dog bed

Remember when we said that materials are the most important factor? Well, with this dog you can choose your own reversible top and bottom fabrics, making this bed a fully-customizable option for you and your dog. High-quality fabrics of various textures and prints are removable so that you can throw them in the washing machine whenever necessary. Made in the USA.




Arctic dog bed

Your pup will experience snuggly luxury at its absolute finest when they tuck in for an afternoon snooze atop this glorious faux fur dog bed. This soft pillow bed is adorned with a crystal water drop brooch, featuring a ruby red center that will make your princess feel right at home. It comes complete with a matching Arctic Blanket for a doubly warm and cozy night’s sleep. Only one size is available and it’s recommended for dogs weighing less than 20 lbs.

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