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Buying Guide: Gifts for Women Who Love Dogs

Posted on January 22 2020

Buying Guide: Gifts for Women Who Love Dogs

Do you have a dog-loving woman in your life? If you’re looking for something special or sweet for your wife, girlfriend, fiancee, or even a secret crush, impress her with a gift that reflects her unique interests. Maybe your dog-crazy daughter or niece has a birthday coming up and is in need of some canine collectibles to add to her stash. Whatever the case, a doggie bag filled with goodies from Bitch New York is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Dog Accessories

If your lady is lucky enough to be a dog mom, there’s no better way to show your love for her than by giving her a gift she can share with her pooch. After all, we all know who her favorite member of the family is.

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Dog Collars


A dog collar makes a great gift because it’s useful, affordable, it doesn’t take up much space, and you can customize the design to reflect your lady’s personal style.

The Spring Plaid dog collar with personalized buckle is one of our bestselling personalized buckle dog collars. It’s not hard to see why: these collars are made with UV, Rot, Mildew, and Moisture resistant polyester webbing printed with a dye sublimation process that permanently infuses whatever vibrant design you choose into the material. In addition to being super cute, they’re also lightweight, super strong and silky smooth.

For doggies of distinguished dames, look no further than the Ava Double Row Close Crystal Dog Collar. Take your pick of colorful genuine leather and adorn it with two rows of colorful, glistening stones in your choice of color. If your gal is lucky enough to receive a gift like this, be sure to order early! These collars are custom-made to order, so allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.

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A dog can never have too many toys, which makes them the perfect gifts for dog moms who are otherwise tough to shop for. With more than 1,400 unique, adorable, and customizable toys available from our online store, we promise you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Can’t decide on just one? Choose a bunch and present them like a playful bouquet, contained in a gorgeous handcrafted dog toy box by Sara. This beautiful handmade box not only makes for a gorgeous presentation piece, but it’s also a fully-functional toy storage solution to make tidying up easy after playtime.

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These gifts are great for dog moms and dog lovers alike, including wannabe (or soon-to-be) dog moms. If you’ve got a bigger surprise waiting, these items are also a great way to announce your new furbaby!



Tired of that wet dog smell lingering in the entryway? No matter how often you wash their collars and leashes or give them a bath, they somehow keep tracking in something stinky. Not to worry! You can keep your home smelling fresh with an odor-neutralizing candle! They’re great for decorating a living space and adding a bit of warmth to your home.

These dog deodorizing candles are made with your furry friends in mind, with witty names like, “Party Animal” (Zesty Orange and Lime), “Ruff Day” (Calming Lavender and Cedarwood), and “Walk in the Park” (Refreshing Lemongrass and Peppermint). These candles are hand-poured. Renewable, non-toxic, and non-carcinogenic soy wax produces 95% less soot than paraffin candles. A double wooden wick enables a cleaner, longer burn, and it makes that soft crackling sound everyone loves.

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If your lady is loyal to a specific breed, or just can’t resist a meaningful collectible, a dog figurine would make a lovely addition to her mantelpiece. Choose from carefully hand-painted resin models or shiny lacquered castings. Available for every breed ranging from Airedales to Yorkshire terriers. All breeds are available in any and all color combinations. For more information on craftsmanship or special requests, please email us at

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Whether it’s a birthday, gotcha day, or an anniversary, these etched glasses are great for parties and events. Choose from rock glass sets, individual cooler/pint glasses, stemless wine glasses, and even glass water bottles.

Each glass is imprinted with a cute dog-ism or a simple paw print to remind her of her canine companion during the dog days of summer or as she “wines” down after a long day of work.

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Need a new dog bed but afraid the missus will put you in the dog house if you pick the wrong color or pattern? We’re here to help! Now, when you choose from one of our limited collection of pillow dog beds, you can get matching pillows for your sofa. Trust us, she’ll love them!

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wall decor

Do you know someone moving into a new house or apartment? Help her warm up her space and fill those empty spots on the wall with a custom pet portrait! With your input, we can have our artists create a whimsical interpretation of your dog or a custom character painting of your pet.

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Tote Bags

tote bags

It’s a new year and we can all agree that single-use plastic shopping bags are so 2019. If you’ve got a shopaholic on your hands, do your part for the planet and help her start 2020 on the right foot with a sturdy and reusable breed-specific tote bag. The hand-sketched designs and messages will make the perfect conversation starters while out running errands. Choose from strong vinyl or 100% cotton canvas.

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Sometimes the best way to show your love for someone is by giving the gift of something as precious as the love they have for their dog.

Sterling silver bracelets, earrings, and pendants featuring 14-18K yellow gold dog bones and paw prints are a beautiful way to include your lady’s most lovable companion in her jewelry collection.

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Bitch New York is the best place to find high-quality designer dog clothing that is just as durable as it is adorable. Choose from more than 4,000 dog shirts, sweaters, coats, dresses, pj’s, and so much more. Yes, we even have Halloween costumes.

With added options to personalize and match, the possibilities are endless!

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Gift Cards

gift cards

We understand it can be overwhelming shopping for the women in your life, especially when you’re faced with a range of options as vast as that which is available at Bitch New York!

If there are just too many things to choose from, or you’re not certain about the right size, color, material, or brand, a gift card is a great way to take some of the stress of gift-giving off your shoulders. Choose from $10, $25, $50, or $100.

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