Why Is Your Dog Barking At Night?

Your pup is the most adorable thing in the world.

You spend your days together playing, going for runs, taking cute pictures, and cuddling up on the couch. But when the sun goes down and your family is getting ready for a good night’s rest, your dog just can’t get to sleep, and instead starts barking the night away.

Is your dog barking driving you and your neighbors crazy? If you feel like you’ve already tried it all, you’ll know that responding to their cries for attention isn’t the solution to this common problem. There are other ways you can approach night-time barking so your pup can feel calmer and get some well-needed rest.

What can cause a dog to bark at night?

First things first, you need to figure out why your dog starts barking at night since it can seem to be for no reason at all. 

One of the most overlooked reasons why a dog of any breed might be barking at night is their sensitivity to external noises, which is more likely to arise if you live in a bustling urban area. Other dogs barking, surrounding wildlife, distant sirens, and cars driving by can all trigger your dog’s ultra-sensitive hearing and get them barking, even if you can’t hear what they are so distressed about. Another overlooked reason why your dog might be barking at night is pent-up energy. Dogs that don’t get enough exercise during the day will often want to release their energy in the evening and night.

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Finally, loneliness and boredom can play a role in triggering night barking. Your pup may be experiencing separation anxiety if they can’t see you and can’t get to you, or simply be bored out of their minds. Thankfully, these two common reasons for a dog barking at night are easy to tackle – they just require a little patience and research!

Top tips to stop your dog from barking

While it may be tempting to rush to your pup’s side as soon as they start barking, you’ll be much better off not responding to the behavior if the reason they’re doing so is to get your attention. According to behavioral experts, rewarding your pup with a pet and a cuddle will only reinforce the habit. Letting them out of their crate may also reinforce the behavior leading to even more night barking, as they’ll now know how to get their way!

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The best course of action is to prevent the barking from happening in the first place. If you feel like you’ve already tried everything under the sun, these easy tips might just put an end to the problem for good.

1. Beat the boredom with toys

Getting a selection of stimulating toys to keep your pooch occupied at night is a great solution to boredom barking.

Plush toys can keep your pooch busy for hours, so it’s useful to keep a bunch of stimulating toys around their bed to keep them entertained. Just keep in mind that the loud squeaky toy they love so much might not be the best choice when you’re longing for a good night’s rest – much better to fill the room with silent plushy ones instead!

2. Try calming aids

Dog calming aids are great for curbing stress and helping your pup through separation anxiety at night.

Chew toys packed with organic lavender and essential oil blends are safe and convenient aids for de-stressing and unwinding after a long day of adventure. Releasing a calming aroma that will curb all your pup’s worries, these aids can help your dog get through all sorts of scary situations, from dealing with the neighbor’s cat to powering through a long car ride!

3. Find a new resting spot

Your pup might also get distressed at night if they’re not 100% sold on the bed they’re supposed to sleep on.

Dogs can get picky about good sleep just as much as we do, so it may be wise to invest in a new resting spot to give them the sweet dreams they deserve! Try getting your pup a comfy new bed away from the floor with some cozy dog blankets. Your pup will feel much calmer and relaxed in a special place that truly feels like home!

4. Relax with a night routine

We all have our rituals when it comes to getting ready for bed, so why not make a relaxing night-time routine for your pup as well?

 You can take your pups grooming ritual to the next level by incorporating shampoos with calming scents that will reduce stress and curb anxiety. Ph-balanced and free of any nasties, calming shampoos are also ideal for repelling bugs and relieving pain, both key features for a good night’s rest!

5. Go for an evening walk

As we mentioned, night barking can also be a major sign that your dog is not getting enough exercise during the day.

If you suspect that barking might be a cry for exercise, then taking your pup for an evening walk outside should help get rid of the problem. Make sure your pooch gets plenty of time to run around and play with you and other dogs. They will be able to release all their energy and tire themselves out so that unwinding at night will be that much easier!

What about a treat?

As your pup’s bad habit becomes a thing of the past, you might want to reward them by spoiling them rotten it’s what they deserve after all!

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