10 Easy Ways to Keep Dogs Warm

As temperatures start dropping, we are all reaching out for a couple of extra layers to keep warm and toasty throughout the winter. Between scarves, sweaters, fuzzy hats, and gloves, we do not lack fashionable ways to keep ourselves warm. Wrapping up for winter is something we don’t even give that much thought to anymore – at least until we start considering what our furry loved ones might be feeling.

Not all dog breeds are equally equipped for the long, hard winters: Greyhounds, Yorkshire Terriers, Great Danes, and Pugs, for example, are all highly susceptible to cold weather. Both big dogs and small dogs can get a bad case of the shivers when out in the cold, and although size and frame do play a part in making a dog more sensitive to lower temperatures, having a very short coat or little body fat are much bigger factors.

Now, your pup won’t be catching the seasonal flu anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take all the necessary precautions to make sure your dog’s keeping warm throughout your daily walk in the park. So, what to do if you don’t want to let the winter catch you (and your pup!) unprepared this year?

Here’s How to Keep Dogs Warm in Winter

From cozy, fashionable finds to snuggle-ready bedding, the 21st-century pup can rely on a vast number of options to keep warm and toasty during the winter months.

Here are some of our best tips and tricks on how to keep dogs warm in winter so that you can make the best out of this holiday season, 100% chill-free!

Focus on indoor play

We’re all aware of the importance of daily exercise for our pups’ health and happiness (especially if they happen to be of an energetic or athletic breed, but how about moving some activities indoors during the winter, because who really wants to brave the cold anyway? 

Make up fun indoor games to keep them stimulated and entertained, cutting your time outdoors by taking shorter, fast-paced walks.

Invest in quality blankets

Whether your dog likes to curl up next to you on the couch or simply prefers to be all snuggled up in their bed, you can’t go wrong by investing in soft and cozy dog blankets!

Having some cuddly blankets around will not only ensure your pup can retain body heat on a chilly day but also help calm them down after a stressful day at the vet or a heated encounter with a scary stray cat.

Paws first!

As you dress up your dog for their daily brisk winter walk, you’ll want to make sure their paws are protected before focusing on anything else.

In addition to keeping your dog’s feet warm, dog booties can do a great job of preventing any paw injury by putting a shield between their paws and the icy, wet ground. Not to mention, your pup is going to look adorable and Insta-worthy wearing them!

Replace your pup’s bed

It’s a little-known fact, but replacing your dog’s usual snooze station with a raised bed can make a huge difference in their warmth and comfort throughout the winter.

Unless you happen to have access to heated flooring, your home’s floor is going to feel very cold to a pup spending all their time lying on it! You can put some distance between them and the ground with a high-quality, modern raised dog bed.

Get that fancy sweater and coat combo

Sweaters, hoodies, vests, and coats – there are so many options to choose from when it comes to winter-ready dog fashion!

Dog sweaters and coats are the top picks for keeping your pup warm and fashionable during their daily walks. Offering a great variety of colors, sizes, and styles, pup clothing has certainly come a long way from being regarded as a novelty or fad – over the winter, it’s a must-have.

Prepare for a rainy day

Dog Raincoat

Keeping warm is not just about avoiding cold gusts of wind; it’s also about keeping dry no matter what the weather may throw at you both.

For those overcast, rainy days, having a big umbrella and dog raincoat at hand can make the difference between a happy pup and a twitchy, nervous one!

Remember nights are even colder

If you wrap up your pup every time you head out of the door, you might want to make sure they’re just as cozy when indoors.

Dog pajamas are the best way to keep your pup warm right after a bath, maximizing their comfort while keeping them photo-op ready!

Treat your pup to a new house

If you really want to treat your pup to all-around comfort, why not invest in a state-of-the-art dog house?

Dog houses aren’t just for outside; you can set yours up in an empty corner in your living room or bedroom. At last, your pooch can have their very own warm palace where they can feel safe and comfortable as you both relax by the fireside on winter nights. 

Hats on!

No winter outfit is complete without a warm, fuzzy hat – and that rings true for your pup as well!

A good puppy hat will not only take your furry bestie’s cuteness and style to the next level but will also make sure they’ll stay snug as a bug during daily walks.

Replace the old collar

Last but not least, invest in a premium-quality harness that will maximize your dog’s comfort, safety, and warmth throughout the winter!

If you’re yet to join the harness revolution, consider this: bulkier harnesses not only make for a great fashion statement, but they are also much more comfortable for your beloved pup to wear and much better at providing extra warmth to their core.

Looking for more dog-friendly fashion inspo?

Keeping your dog warm, fashionable, and safe in the winter is now easier than ever, but practical pup fashion is à la mode all year round – there’s no better time than now to start making a spring wish list for your pooch!

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