Dog Christmas Gift Ideas

The holiday season is upon us, and while many people are busy looking for presents for their friends and family, getting something special for your dog is just as important. After all, shopping for a Christmas present for your four-legged friend is so much fun! Not only will you have a chance to test your imagination and creativity, but you will also experience the joy of seeing your pooch excited running around the house playing with a new toy in the outfit that you carefully picked. 

But what should you get for your four-legged friend? The answer depends on your dog’s age, breed, health and needs, and many other factors that should make it much easier to tailor a Christmas present to his or her needs. 

Just think about what your loved one would enjoy the most and what would set him or her running around the house in a fit of joy. All pet owners love to see their dog’s face light up, and while shopping for presents is fun, seeing your dog happy is the ultimate reward as a pet parent!

Whether you plan to start your holiday shopping early or late this Christmas season, take a look at our suggested list of dog Christmas gift ideas that includes everything from sweet treats to brain-stimulating toys and cozy winter outfits. 

All dogs are on Santa’s good list, so why not put a huge smile on their faces with one of these dog's Christmas gift ideas.

16 Dog Christmas Gift Ideas 

On this list, you will find a wide variety of dog Christmas gift ideas for many breeds and sizes. Whether you have an active or more leisurely dog, our suggested gifts will be beneficial for your dog, whether it’s satisfying its cravings, helping your pooch to make a fashion statement, or serving a practical purpose while you go for a run or a hike, we’ve got it all! 

Dog Goggles 

Dog Goggles

Dog goggles might not seem like a typical Christmas gift for your pooch, and yet, they have a pretty important role: to protect your dog’s eyes from the harmful sun rays. Not every breed might need a pair of goggles, although some dogs are more prone to developing eye problems from increased sun exposure than others. 

If you and your pup lead an active lifestyle that involves a lot of hiking, running, spending time at the beach, or otherwise being exposed to the direct sun, a pair of goggles makes for a perfect present! In case you are not sure whether your dog needs this gift, consult with your vet who could tell you more after an examination. 

There are many types of goggles, and when you buy them, you will have to adjust them properly and make sure your furry friend is comfortable wearing them. And if you have ever seen a canine sporting a pair of goggles, you already know that this accessory looks adorable! 

A Treat Basket

Primavera Basket Dog Carrier

What dog doesn’t like a good treat? 

After all, treats are a great way to compliment your pooch after a nice training session or good behavior at the park playing with other dogs. A basket full of little treats is a great gift for any dog. However, as a pet owner, you should make sure that these treats are made from high-quality, natural ingredients, and don’t contain any harmful chemicals. We recommend getting a variety of snacks such as cookies, bones, biscuits, and other treats made for dogs to explore which treats your dog likes best. 

Christmas Stocking 

Black/Tan Dachshund Christmas Stocking

What could be better than a good old Christmas stocking stuffed with yummy snacks, squeaky toys, and other treats that your dog will definitely appreciate? A Christmas stocking is probably one of the classic dog Christmas gift ideas, since it gives you a lot of room to mix and match various items to create a perfect gift for your four-legged friend. The only limit is your imagination! 

Training Toys 

Camo Black And White Play Tunnel Dog Toy

While dogs require discipline and mental stimulation, very few of them will knowingly submit to the process of mundane training. 

Luckily, there are plenty of options on the market that help to stimulate Fido's brain while he is having fun. For example, you can use the Outward Hound Kyjen Puzzle Training Toy that is designed for you to place food in one of the cups and encourage your dog to find it. When your pooch paws on each of these cups, she or he will be able to find the food and get a tasty treat after all the hard work of searching.

Squeaky Toys

Pawer Squeaky Turtle Dog Toy

Get your canine in a festive mood with the Holiday Classic Dog Toy Set of 5, a collection of soft toys that are perfect for small and medium breeds. This collection includes a Holly Jolly Gingerbread Man, Cheerful Candy Canes, Ho Ho Ho Hot Chocolate, Yummy Yuletide Log, and Holiday Hound Turkey, all handmade with eco-friendly, certified-safe PlanetFill filler made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Your pup will love running around the house following the soft squeaks as you play fetch. 

Rope Toy Set

Globetrotter Dog Toy Set

While a set of rope toys might not be one of the most original dog Christmas gift ideas out there, you can't go wrong with this choice, because rope toys can be used during any occasion.

A typical rope toy set includes toys that are great for throwing, chewing, and playing tug of war with your furry friend. In the world of dog toys, rope toys are a timeless classic for any playful occasion.

A Frisbee 

Zisc Dog Toy Glow In The Dark

Running after a frisbee on the green grass in the middle of a big park is every dog's dream! Similar to a rope toy set, a frisbee is a classic dog toy that comes in many colors, shapes, and forms. Still, some brands such as Zogoflex Zisc Frisbee stand apart from their competitors as they are more durable, lightweight, and designed for your dog’s mouth and chewing habits. 

So not only will you keep your dog protected from plastic with harmful chemicals, but he or she will be entertained for hours with well-needed exercise! 

A Festive Outfit 

Christmas is the perfect time to bundle up and be cozy, but who said that you can’t make a fashion statement at the same time? Your pooch no longer has to rock those boring outfits, thanks to pet clothing designers who have created so many unique outfits for our four-legged friends. 

There are a variety of winter coats and jackets to choose from, but the following three gift ideas (a doggie sweater, a field coat and dog booties) are some of our favorites.

A Doggie Sweater 


Dog Sweater

A doggie sweater is the ultimate outfit that will keep your furry friend comfy and warm. Many types of dog sweaters will look stylish and adorable on your pooch. Other options are jackets and hoodies that could also be utilized during cooler weather days year round.

Field Coat

Stretch Fleece Dog Coat Winter Mod

Not every dog wants to sport a sweater. If this is the case with your pooch, you should look into getting a field coat that will keep your loved one warm. Depending on the breed and sensitivities of your dog, certain fit and fabrics may be more preferable. What’s great about a field coat is that it could be a great multi-season staple in your pooch’s wardrobe.

Dog Booties 

Slip On Paws Dog Booties Orange

When it gets cold outside, you should think about protecting your dog’s paws. A pair of dog booties is never a bad idea if you live in a colder climate. If you are getting a hoodie or a sweater for your dog, don’t forget to grab a pair of dog boots that will help to protect your pet’s paws during rainy and cold weather. In addition to protecting your dog’s paws, quality booties also ensure proper traction so your pooch doesn’t slip.

A Blanket

Blue And Grey Hearts Fleece Dog Blanket

Much like humans, dogs love to stretch out on a nice fleece blanket, especially after an active day. While your dog might appreciate toys, accessories, and other trinkets, a warm and comfortable blanket will be a practical asset, ensuring your pet has better quality sleep and more energy for playtime. 

Dog Cookies

Assorted Macaron Dog Treat Gift Box Bundle of 5

While it’s great to have a box of encouragement treats set aside for your dog, the holidays are all about savoring delicious treats meant simply for enjoyment. Not only are dog cookies great for stuffing a stocking, but they will also help your dog get into the holiday spirit during get-togethers with friends and family. 

Pet Shampoo

Organic Face, Dog Coat And Paw Wash

While not all dogs like the routine bath, proper grooming is essential for your dog’s health. For instance, finding the right shampoo to keep your dog’s coat glistening and healthy may take a bit of searching. While certain brands contain harsh chemicals and preservatives that could irritate your dog’s skin or cause allergies, some shampoos are made with natural ingredients that are ideal for these sensitivities. Always check the ingredients to know whether a pet shampoo is right for your pooch.


The holiday season is a special time for everyone. The festive atmosphere gets the whole family excited about spending quality time together and sharing special moments, gifts and stories. So why not spend some time and use a bit of imagination to make your dog feel special during all the festivities? No matter what you might think, Fido will be pleasantly surprised and will be thankful for your loving thoughtfulness!

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