Top 15 Christmas Gifts For Your Dog

The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s shopping season! Santa’s checking his list and you’re checking yours to make sure no one gets left out this Christmas. Does your dog love participating in the holiday festivities? It can be difficult to find good last minute Christmas gifts for dogs, which could mean one disappointing trip across town after Black Friday.

Looking for a present for a fellow dog lover? Not a problem! This article will give you plenty of ideas and products to choose from!

If you’re looking for unique Christmas presents for dogs but not sure what to get, say no more. We’ve prepared an exhaustive list of holiday hound dog essentials that will have your pooch howling with joy this Christmas.

1. Dog Christmas Stocking

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Christmas gifts for dogs call for Christmas stockings for dogs, which is why this item is at the top of our dog gift-giving guide.

What better symbol of the joy and tradition of gift-giving at Christmas than a stocking hung by the fireplace, stuffed to the brim with goodies? You have one for each of your family members, it’s time you had one for your dog. Whether you’re after something simple to match an existing set, or you want something that stands out, there are over 100 stocking types and designs available for you to choose from at the Bitch New York online store.

2. Dog Christmas Sweater

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Imagine the look on your friends’ faces when your dog wins the ugly sweater contest at the Christmas party this year. Christmas sweaters are an iconic piece of holiday apparel, whether they’re worn with wholesome intentions or ironically.

You don’t have to worry about offending Grandma this year. Once you see your dog in one of our adorable hand-knit Christmas sweaters, you’ll be in your closet digging for that long lost treasure so you don’t show up underdressed at dinnertime!

3. Dog Christmas Hat

buy dog christmas hats

The base sits around your dog’s neck like a collar, holding the top of the hat in place and keeping those vulnerable ears oh-so-snuggly warm no matter what weather you’re faced with this winter.

Reindeer antlers, Elf hats, Santa hats, or hats suited for an Alpine skier, you’ll certainly find something that suits your dog’s tastes. Give your Christmas card a well-deserved boost this year with your irresistible hat-wearing hound front and center.

4. Dog Socks

buy christmas dog socks

Keep your dog's toes nice and toasty warm while trotting around the house or provide your dog with a better dog shoe fit with some skid-free dog socks.

Dog socks protect your floors from long nails and keep their paws off of cold hardwood or tile flooring. These make great Christmas gifts for dogs who may face more challenges keeping warm and getting around the house, like older dogs.

5. Christmas Dog Bowls

buy dog bowls for christmas

Remember that plate you used to leave out every Christmas, stacked with cookies for Santa? Give your pooch some festive dinnerware to match! Gorgeous custom hand-painted pottery dog bowls made from non-toxic materials are a great functional addition to your dog’s dinner supplies. If you love it too much to use it, they’re a lovely way to show off your love for your dog as a beautiful piece of holiday art for your shelves.

Want to make your puppy feel extra special? Personalization is included for no extra cost!

6. Dog Christmas Dress

buy dog dresses for christmas

If you’re going for something a little more elegant than your everyday Christmas sweater, a Christmas dress could be just the thing for your little lady. A gorgeous satin dog dress will make her look like the most beautifully-wrapped present under the tree.

French bulldog is wearing a christmass dress

Shower your little miss Claus in adoration with a velvety red dress, complete with white faux fur collar and pom pom buttons, or dress her up in sweet gingerbread holiday couture, a limited-edition piece beautified with Swarovski crystals. The choice is yours, but the attention is all hers.

7. Christmas Dog Toys

purchase christmas dog toys

Plush bones, hearts, squeaky elves, and ornaments featuring all kinds of adorable shapes and patterns from tiny reindeer to classic plaid—even a little lump of coal for your naughty doggy! Your dog will want for nothing this holiday season after you’ve had one look at all Bitch New York has to offer.

It's important to always choose quality dog toys, as cheap ones can be pretty dangerous. Dog lovers might say: "Oh, it's only a dog toy!" -But that is not the case! 

Cheap dog toys can easily come apart, break in your dog's mouth and your dog might swallow small pieces of foam or plastic.

This is why we sell only durable and high-quality dog toys at Bitch New York!

If you’re not looking for something Christmas-themed, opt for some classic dog toys that make a great gift for any occasion. Tug-of-war ropes, balls, and bedtime teddies make great stocking stuffers.

8. Dog Christmas Ornaments

buy dog christmas ornaments

Furbaby’s first Christmas? An event like this cannot go without a proper celebration!

Commemorate your pup’s first, second, or fifteenth Christmas with an ornament. There are countless designs to choose from, including elegant crystal dog bones and paw prints, breed-specific ceramic silhouettes, and hand-knit masterpieces.

Ornaments aren’t just for your tree, either! Customizable Christmas ornament printed dog tags make a festive addition to your dog’s holiday apparel.

9. Christmas Collar For Dogs

buy a dog collar for christmas

If your dog isn’t a fan of clothes, make the most of the holiday and try out a Christmas collar! Get all the cuteness of a shirt or sweater with the ease of a dog collar.

Christmas collars are the perfect opportunity to stock up on your holiday collar charms as well. Snowflakes, snowmen, reindeer, Santas, candy canes and wreaths are just a few of the different kinds of holiday bling you can add to your dog’s collar.

You can’t go wrong with the design, but make sure to pay attention to the size guide. With such a wide variety of collars available, not all fit the same. The last thing you want is an adorable Christmas collar your dog can’t wear on Christmas morning!

10. Dog Christmas Scarf

buy dog christmas scarves

A scarf is another great gift idea for dogs who don’t do the clothes thing. Scarves are easy to put on and take off and even easier to care for. They add an adorable pop of color to your dog’s everyday colors, and dogs love them because they feel just like a collar, only way comfier!

If you’re looking for a seasonal scarf, we recommend the chunky cable-knit infinity dog scarf. It provides added warmth to one of their most vulnerable parts. The scarf is made from a thick alpaca blend so impossibly soft, you’ll wish you had one. It’s available in red, charcoal, natural, and camel colors or in three unique Christmas patterns.

Prefer something your pooch can use year-round? Check out some of our easy-breezy cool summertime prints.

11. Dog Christmas Bow Tie

buy dog bow ties for chritsmas

What do dancing reindeer, Santa hats, candy cane chaos, and Christmas dogs have in common? If you guessed adorable Christmas-themed dog bow ties, you’re absolutely right!

Nothing spreads holiday cheer faster than a happy pup all spruced up for the holidays. Get everyone in their matching Sunday best for your family Christmas photo, or choose a cute and crazy pattern for your holiday party.

The best part? Dog bow ties are one of the most affordable dog accessories we have available, so you can stock up on all your favorite designs without a hint of shame!

12. Christmas Dog Treats

dog treats for christmas

The ultimate stocking stuffer. What are the holidays for if not for climbing into some stretchy pants and enjoying all kinds of sweet and savory goodies! Don’t let your furry friends miss out on any of the delicious fun. Spoil them with some Christmas-themed doggie treats or stock up on some of their favorites they can enjoy all year round.

Truffles, cookies, brownies, cake pops, donuts, cupcakes, and gingerbread. Are we preparing a holiday platter to take to the neighbors? Not unless they have a dog! You can get all of your favorite holiday treats in dog-friendly form, so there’s no excuse for anyone to miss out on the sweet treats.

Our only advice; keep your dog treats separate from your human treats. Some of your guests might eat them all before your dog can!

13. Dog Christmas Pajamas

buy pajamas for your dog for christmas

Does your family wear new Christmas PJs to bed on Christmas eve? This cozy and fun holiday tradition used to be reserved for only the two-legged members of your family, but we couldn’t be happier to announce that this is no longer the case!

Now your dog can join in on all the family photos of surprised faces, joyful smiles, and bedhead on Christmas morning.

14. Christmas Dog Leash

buy christmas dog leash

Your dogs won’t get very far in a Christmas dog collar without a Christmas dog leash to go with it—or maybe they will and that’s the problem! Whatever the case; many of the Christmas dog collars we have available come with a matching leash. If not, we promise you’ll find two that go great together.

Worried about getting tricked into a cheaply-made holiday product? You won’t find those here. Our heavyweight nylon webbing leads are ultra-durable and naturally water and bacteria-resistant.

They’re available in 4' or 5' lengths and include a D-ring at the handle for hanging in your home after a walk, or attaching keys and dog poop bags.

15. Dog Tank Tops

buy a tank top for your dog this christmas

Last, but certainly not least, are dog tank tops. After all, how could we forget about our snowbird dogs who fly south with their owners for the winter? Not to mention our southern doggos who have yet to experience a white winter!

If you decorate your palm tree with Christmas lights, you know what we’re talking about.

Don’t leave out the dogs who celebrate holidays in the sunshine. Super cute tank tops are comfy and breathable, giving you and your pup the chance to don some spiffy duds without overheating.


 What shouldn’t you give your dog for Christmas?

Avoid dog toys made outside the U.S.A. Other countries have more lenient rules when it comes to the materials used to make plastic products. Check that any dog toys you buy are latex-free, BPA-and-phthalate-free, and FDA compliant.

Skip sugary, fatty, or salty dog treats. Treats aren’t necessary for a healthy dog’s balanced diet so anything they’re getting outside of mealtime is a bonus. You might as well make it healthy! Read the labels on commercial dog treats. If your dog eats from the table or receives too many treats high in sugar, fat, or salt content, it can make your dog overweight and lead to other digestive health problems.


Are Christmas trees safe for dogs?

Decorating your home for the holidays is one of the best parts of Christmas. If you’re a dog-owner, however, you should be aware that some popular decorations can be dangerous to pets.

Natural Christmas trees are generally safe for pets. If your dog ingests the sap, some mild intestinal discomfort can take place, but responsibly-sourced natural trees are generally non-toxic.

Artificial Christmas trees require some vigilance. Artificial trees can become brittle with age, increasing the chance of some small piece of plastic or aluminum breaking off. This could cause an intestinal blockage or mouth irritation if ingested by your dog.


Can dogs eat Christmas dinner?

When preparing your Christmas dinner, you may be tempted to set aside a special treat for your dog as well. Turkey, cooked or raw vegetables, and fruit make great holiday dog treats.

Do not feed your dog bird bones, chocolate, food with lots of herbs and spice, uncooked dough, grapes, raisins, currants, sultanas, or fruits with pips.

When dishing up holiday treats for dogs, we recommend keeping track of size and moderation. Cut up vegetables and meat into bite-sized pieces to prevent choking and restrict intake to small amounts, no matter how they beg. Too many holiday treats can cause discomfort or even be harmful.


Dog is laying in front of christmas tree

We hope this list has helped inspire some ideas and maybe even added a few items to your ever-growing shopping list. We know this time of year can be hectic and stressful, so we’re happy to make it easier than ever to supply your furry friends with precious, high-quality holiday goodies via our online store.

A final tip for you to consider as you’re shopping for puppy gifts this holiday season:

If you’re buying dog clothes, always make sure to check the sizing chart! There’s no feeling worse than giving a Christmas gift that’s no good and you don’t want to cause your dog any discomfort, especially at Christmas.

Merry Christmas and happy shopping from Bitch New York!


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