Best Dog Costume Ideas for Halloween

Well, it’s finally the second-most wonderful time of the year, and whether you’re all about the scary makeup and costumes or you’re mostly looking forward to all the candy, there’s no denying that Halloween holds a special place in our hearts.

Our children love dressing up and chomping down on all the delicious candy available as soon as October rolls around, and even adults can’t wait to organize a memorable costume party.

But what about the small and furry members of our families? What do Halloween celebrations look like for our pups, and how can you make sure to include them in the festive, spooky fun?

Everything about Halloween is a dog’s ultimate dream: Plenty of treats to go around, a house full of happy children playing with them all night long, and the whole family reuniting for a scary movie.

Still, don’t you think there’s something missing?

If you’ve already figured out what you’re going to be for Halloween but haven’t given much thought to your dog’s Halloween costume, it might be the right time to take the festive atmosphere to the next level and get your pup the scariest, most unique Halloween costume money can buy!

So, let us walk you through some of our best dog costume ideas for a Halloween to remember, so you can really dress up the whole family and enjoy a scary night like no other... perfect for that seasonal Instagram pic!

Small dog and puppy Halloween costumes

When it comes to Halloween costumes, the first thing you should be looking for is an outfit that will fit your pup’s size and breed like a glove nobody likes ill-fitting costumes, and your dog’s comfort should be your main priority!

For that reason, you should be looking at small dog costumes or even puppy Halloween costumes. If your furry companion is on the short side, make sure that they can move around and play with ease.

Fortunately, you’ll find no shortage of cute Halloween costumes for your small pup in our collection. All you have to do to get the best small dog Halloween costumes is head over to our costume selection and pick the perfect spooky outfit for your small boy or girls’ personality!

In need of a little extra inspiration?

Here are some of our small dog and puppy favorites:

Dragon wings dog costume

Your pup is not just any dog, they’re a full-fledged mythical creature ready to terrorize the neighborhood, one fierce roar at a time at least on Halloween.

If you’re looking for a simple, yet incredibly effective costume to have your small dog join the Halloween spirit in style, look no further than our bright red Dragon Wings, the perfect choice of costume for an active pup who usually doesn’t take too well to dressing up.

These eye-catching wings are so comfortable and easy to fit that your dog won’t even feel them, and if you’ve been let down by floppy costume wings before, you can be certain that this pair of dragon wings will stay upright no matter what!

Bat wings dog costume

Looking for something spookier and darker to fit your pup’s fearsome personality? 

Then you might want to treat them to our Halloween favorite Bat Wings, pitch black, soft, and comfortable to keep your dog in spooky mode for hours!

Just like our Dragon Wings, this costume is incredibly easy to fit and comfortable for your dog to wear: You can take it off without any effort or just have them put it on for a few minutes to take Insta-worthy spooky family pictures. 

Make sure to double-check sizing beforehand, as it comes in two sizes (S and L) that will fit your pup differently depending on their measurements. 

Angel wings dog costume

Let’s be honest, the magic of Halloween is not just all about the spook and gloom: It’s all about being whatever you want to be for one night, whether it’s something completely different from your usual self or a fun representation of who you truly are!

So why not let the good boy or good girl of your family be themselves in their full splendor?

Your little angel is going to shine brighter with a pair of Angel Wings guiding them through the night, and if you want your angelic pup to feel comfortable as they play, there’s no better option for taking their Halloween spirit to the next level!

Dragon skull sweatshirt dog costume

Now, if your pup loves to be snuggled and loves feeling warm and toasty, you might want to look at full costumes that will keep your companion shielded from the October cold, all while giving the neighborhood a good scare at the same time!

This black and white Dragon Skull Sweatshirt is perfect for putting the spooky back in your Halloween celebrations. Made of 100% cotton and fitted with a convenient leash hole, this glow-in-the-dark hoodie is the small dog Halloween costume your adventurous pup deserves.

Pair it with our Dragon Wings for the ultimate spook!

Killer whale hoodie sweatshirt dog costume

Dragons and skulls can give quite the scare, but if you really want to go for spooky gold in a unique way, there’s nothing quite like the nightmare of the sea to bring the terror factor to the next level!

This Killer Whale Hoodie features a detailed hood with fins, a thin reflective trim, and a convenient leash hole to take your pup on an evening walk to remember.

Designed to imitate the iconic black and white patterns of killer whales, this comfy sweatshirt makes for a unique take on the classic dog Halloween costume, so don’t miss out!

Werewolf plaid shirt dog costume

Now here’s a small dog Halloween costume with a big personality, perfect for good boys and little devils alike!

Our Werewolf Plaid Shirt features a detailed wolf hood and a button-up plaid shirt to give you the signature werewolf fashion you’re used to seeing in horror movies, and the convenient leash hole is just the icing on the cake.

Dogula dog costume

If you really want to take your dog’s Halloween outfit to the next level, there’s no better costume to fit the bill than our Dogula getup, combining high finished satin with bold and bright Halloween colors for a unique take on the classic vampire costume.

The Dogula costume features a white body, a green vest, a purple pop-up collar, a reversible bow tie, and a classy black cape, as well as an adjustable velcro fastener to make fitting it comfortably feel like child’s play!

Big and large dog Halloween costumes

If you have a big boy or big girl on your hands, it might be easy to get discouraged by the lack of costume options, as there are usually more creative Halloween outfits for small dogs and puppies than there are for larger breeds.

But just because you do have to reckon with some size restrictions, that doesn’t mean you won’t find a great selection of Halloween costumes and Halloween-themed accessories for bigger dogs in our collection!

You can find plenty of bowties, neckties, bandanas, and other spooky accessories designed to fit all dogs, as well as different large dog Halloween costume ideas that have nothing to envy small dog and puppy Halloween costumes.

And if all else fails, why not try your hand at making some homemade dog costumes, guaranteed to fit your pooch just right?

Unicorn horn

Nothing fits a large dog better than a fun headpiece, and these multi-colored, versatile Unicorn Horns have just what it takes to turn your big pup into a beautiful magical creature.

The horn comes in two different sizes and a whopping 21 colors, so you’re bound to find the perfect style for your dog’s personality and go-to outfits color coordination has never felt more magical!

These accessories are all made of soft, colorful fabric and are fitted with a headband for your pup’s comfort, so if you’re looking to shop for a big breed, aim for an L-XL model, perfect to fit heads from 13’’ to 22’’.

Zebra dog costume

Aren’t big dogs just the cutest when they’re wearing a costume of an animal resembling their size, or pretty close to their size?

If you agree that big pups should find their alter egos in big, exotic animals, our Zebra Dog Costume might just be the perfect fit for you and your pooch: Featuring the classic black and white zebra pattern, a comfy hood with drawstrings, and a convenient velcro closure, this detailed costume is the big dog outfit you’ve been looking for!

Acme rocket dog costume

Easy to wear and even easier to love, this cartoonish Acme Rocket costume is the perfect choice for larger breeds thanks to its adjustable velcro harness and generous chest sizes.

You can make your pup look like a Looney Tunes character by just strapping the rocket on and waiting for the laughs to come, and you’re guaranteed your big dog will feel comfortable wearing it all night, as it fits chest sizes up to 32’’!

Fright night dog bandana

Next on our list of the best large dog Halloween costume ideas is the versatile Fright Night bandana, fitting large neck sizes up to 12’’ in width with a 20.5" x 9" model size.

Packed with classic Halloween prints for a stylish and modern look, this spooky bandana is an instant game changer when it comes to elevating a basic look, and whether you plan on combining it with a homemade costume or just slipping it on your pup for a quick picture, you can be sure they’ll love it!

Skeletons dog necktie

Dapper dogs call for a classic accessory, and there’s no better way to make your big pup stand out than adding a touch of class to their Halloween outfit!

Our Skeletons Dog Necktie is the best of both worlds: Dapper enough to impress and zany enough to bring the spooky fun back into doggy fashion, this accessory is easy to fit and remove from any collar by fastening and unfastening the back strip.

Jack-O-Lantern dog bow tie

Looking for another dapper option? Our Jack-O-Lantern Bowtie is the perfect accessory to treat your big pup, and if you love doggie neckties like we do, you’ll be happy to know that our bowties are just as easy to put on and take off.

You can fit this colorful bowtie to your dog’s collar anytime you want throughout the big night, and choose between two sizes: 4’’ wide or 5.5’’ wide.

Autumn dog shirt collar

And as the last addition to our list of big dog costume ideas, we have the irresistible candy corn patterned Autumn Dog Shirt Collar, probably the most whimsical Halloween accessories you’ll ever find on the market!

The 100% cotton shirt collar features a fully detachable candy corn tie and a convenient velcro closure for extra comfort, with sizes going up to XXXL (19-25’’) to easily fit whimsical big dogs.

Owners beware, however: It’s going to look so cute you’ll be tempted to have your pup keep it on until Christmas!

What else do we need?

Now, shopping for Halloween costumes and accessories is definitely fun and rewarding, but if you’re looking to really treat your pooch to the best Halloween yet, you’re going to have to give gifts a little better than that.

Remember that your pup is not just a little demon or werewolf on fright night, they’re also your curious, excitable furry child, and they deserve plenty of extra treats and gifts to feel the festive spirit just as much as the rest of the family!

So, what about giving your pup some extra love this Halloween?

You can indulge them with their favorite treats as you’re eating your Halloween candy, or surprise them with a new toy or doggie bowl just to show how much you love and care for them.

If you love spoiling your pooches rotten, this is the perfect occasion to really go overboard and let them join in the family fun with creative costumes, finger-lickin’ treats, and spooky accessories… and if we can help you make your pup just that little bit happier this season, well, that just means we’ve done our job right!

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