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Dog Bow Ties & Scarves

Everybody loves a dapper doggo, but not every canine companion shares our enjoyment for adorable shirts and sweaters. Add some glamour to her collar with a collar bud or bring your pet along to the big game to help you cheer on the home team with a sporty dog bandana! Peep our tips below for choosing some knockout neckwear for your pup.

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Teal/Purple Plaid Dog Bandana

From $21.00 - $23.00

Red Plaid Dog Bandana

From $21.00 - $23.00

Red Plaid II Dog Bandana

From $21.00 - $23.00

No shirt, no shoes, no problem

If clothes aren’t your dog’s thing, a bow tie, scarf, or bandana is the perfect way to add a pop of color that’s sure to turn heads without sacrificing your dog’s comfort.


The bandana is an all-time classic look. If you are searching for a simple yet impressive garment, you can’t go wrong with a good old neckerchief. The best part about the bandana is its versatility thanks to a wide range of patterns available. Choose from paisley, plaid, florals, argyle, and more. Depending on the occasion, your dog can be cute or casual, making the bandana the ultimate neckwear accessory for your fashionable furbaby.


We have a large collection of scarves ranging from cool summertime prints to fluffy winter knits. So whether your pup is tagging along to a pool party or hitting the streets with you in the big city, they’re sure to look their best.

Ties, Shirt Collars, and Cuffs

If you’re going to a wedding, theme party, or even graduation, you want to make sure your plus one looks the part. Furry formal wear is the perfect opportunity for your pet to match outfits with their human. Choose from bow ties, neckties, shirt collars, and cuffs, or put together a whole formal ensemble. For best results, try them on after a trip to the groomer!

Featured products

The Red Gingham Dog Bandana

The ultimate wardrobe essential for your four-legged friend. The iconic pattern and cool cotton material make it an instant summertime classic. Made from 100% durable cotton denim, this kerchief will take your dog’s charm to the next level and it will stand the test of time. The best part? Its pre-folded design with extended ends for easy tying takes all the hassle out of getting dressed.

This dog scarf provides all the warmth of a heavy sweater without any of the struggles. The scarf is made from a thick alpaca blend so impossibly soft, you’ll wish you had one. It’s simple, cute, and the characteristic layers of cable knitting will have you and your pup running to the nearest coffee shop for a hot latte. This perfect fall and winter streetwear accessory & come in red, charcoal, natural, and camel colors or in three unique Christmas patterns.

Is your dog more glamorous than your average pooch? Put a twinkle in her eyes with the Eternal Love Infinity Dog Scarf. The champagne color and silver shimmer will brighten even the gloomiest of chilly days.

The White Shirt Collar With Black Bow Tie

The White Shirt Collar is reserved for canines with a scent for the finer things in life. Every pooch lover knows that dogs are man’s best friend, but now they can be man’s best man! Popular for weddings, the shirt collar and bow tie doubles as black-tie attire for fundraisers, galas, and other formal events.

Complete the look with a cotton leash as well as matching cuffs and cufflinks. The collar and bowtie are well made from high-quality fabrics so there’s no need to stress about wardrobe malfunctions. The bowtie attaches with velcro and a D-ring on the collar makes for easy leash attachment.

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