Best Luxury & Designer Dog Beds

Our dogs often live more luxurious lives than we do. Someone buys them food and they get treats just for sitting! What a life that must be.

Your dog’s bedding is certainly no exception to their luxurious lifestyle. Your pup's bed is where they lay their head at night and perhaps rest when you're out for the day. It should be a source of comfort that your dog can go to when you're not around to provide it.

Bitch New York offers hundreds of luxury and designer beds that your dog can enjoy.

Keep reading to see which ones are our favorite!

Our Favorite Pillow Beds

The first type of luxury dog beds available through Bitch New York are pillow beds. They allow your pup ultimate flexibility with how and where to sleep. 

Designer pillow beds are the perfect travel companion for your pooch because they’re easy to clean and compact.



Moroccan Trellis Dog Bed

We love this adorable Moroccan trellis pillow that doubles as a beautiful accent pillow in the room of your choice. It fits perfectly in Midwest Life Stage crates and a matching crate cover is also available. With a cotton canvas cover and polyfill padding, this dog pillow is machine washable. You certainly can’t go wrong with a stylish and practical option like the Moroccan Trellis Dog Bed.


Swaddle Dog Bed

The Swaddle dog bed is easily one of the most unique and creative dog beds available at Bitch New York. Available in three sizes, the bed can be laid flat like a pillow or turned into a sort of drawstring snuggle bed. What’s more is that you’re able to customize it by picking the size, inner fabric, and outer fabric to be the perfect match for your pooch and their room.


Our Favorite Snuggle/Donut Dog Beds

For a more traditional dog bed, consider a luxury donut or snuggle bed. These are beds shaped like donuts or with slightly raised sides.



Cloud Dream Fur Scoop Dog Bed

Available in four sizes, this cloud dream fur scoop dog bed is the perfect companion for every puppy. It features an elegant two-tone fabric combination with classic and modern colors that make it the perfect pairing for any pooch. Plus, the cover is machine washable and dryable so staying clean is a cinch!

Glacier Chenille Scoop Dog Bed

This stunning off-white piece is unique in its design. With a scooped front that allows for easy in and out access, this bed is ideal for older or arthritic dogs who can’t hop on or off pillows or furniture with ease. While still being incredibly cozy, this modern-looking bed will fit effortlessly in any room in your home.

The center of the bed is removable for easy cleaning. The bed itself has a wide range of sizes available (small to extra large) and makes sure that even the largest dogs will feel comfortable.



Our Favorite Canopy Dog Beds

For dogs who crave warmth and security (doesn’t everyone?) a canopy bed is a perfect option!


 Burger Dog Bed

The Burger dog bed is a cozy addition to any room that provides a safe and warm place for your pooch to snuggle up. The inside features incredibly soft fabric while the black exterior means that the bed works perfectly in any room.

Peekaboo Irish Linen Dog Bed By Louisdog

This stunning canopy bed is perfect for the dog who loves a classic style. Made with a 100 percent Irish linen cover that’s machine washable, you really can’t go wrong with this bed.

The bed comes in two sizes and is suitable for both small and large dogs. The light plastic frame allows for easy setup and moving to any space in your house.

Winter White Dream Fur Canopy Dog Bed

This elegant cream canopy bed is perfect for the dog that loves to feel cozy and protected. While still being large enough for bigger dogs, the winter white dream fur canopy dog bed creates a sense of comfort that your dog will be drawn to, especially during the chilly months. 

The classic design will look stylish in any space and if you need a few splashes of color to compliment it, consider some dog pillows that double as gorgeous floor pillows.


Our Favorite Furniture Dog Beds

If you’re looking for a piece to make a statement, an item of furniture for your dog might just be the answer. From couches and chaise lounges to beds and chairs, Bitch New York has them all.


Start Shopping

With so many luxury and designer dog bed options available from Bitch New York, we know it can be overwhelming to find the perfect fit for your pup.

Give the site a browse to see what your other options are and if you’re not ready to invest just yet, check out our toy, clothing, and grooming options!

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