10 Things You Need for Stay-at-Home Dogs

Due to our increased workloads and busy lives, our dogs spend an increasing amount of time in our homes. Creating the right environment for your dog can help them to feel calm and content with being inside. 

There are plenty of ways to create the desired environment, which we will discuss in this article. Making these changes can help make you feel less worried about them while you're at work. 

So, here are ten changes you can make to your home to make your special pooch more comfortable at home while you're working away in the office. 

10 Things You Need for Stay-at-Home Dogs

Somewhere to Chill

We all need a spot where we can chill out and relax. Dogs are no different. Creating a comfortable den will do wonders for your dog's welfare at home. 

Pick one area of the house that the dog particularly likes and where he feels safe. This could be that spot under the staircase, behind a sofa, or the corner of your living room. 

If your dog doesn't already have a favorite spot, try enticing him into an area you feel is adequate. Let him sniff around, place his toys there, and give him treats when he relaxes there. This will let him know this is a safe and comfortable spot that he feels positive in. Don't forget his favorite blanket and bed!

Now when you’re out at work all day, he has a safe zone where he feels comfortable and content. To create the perfect dog den you will need:

  • Blankets
  • Bed
  • Cushions
  • Table/chairs
  • Your dog's favorite toys
  • Tasty chew or puzzle feeder
  • Water bowl

For more information on how to build the perfect dog den, head over to Dogs Trust.

The Perfect Dog Bed

Finding the right dog bed is a must. You may not realize it, but when you're at work, your dog is asleep or chilling in bed most of the time. On average, your dog sleeps 14-18 hours a day, so finding the perfect dog bed is a must. 

The type of bed you buy will depend on how your dog likes to sleep. For example, some dogs curl up, others lay flat on their side, and others just sprawl out everywhere. Make sure you buy the right shape for your dog's type of sleeping position.

Your dog might also be a little diva and enjoy a very soft bed over a cushioned bed. You may have to experiment with different dog beds before you get it right, but your dog will thank you.

Here are some things to consider when looking for the perfect dog bed:

  • Memory Foam – Supports any dogs shape and weight
  • Head & Neck Support – Dogs need head, neck, and back support too. 
  • Non-slip base – If your dog moves around a lot, non-slip is a good choice. 
  • Durable material – Buy quality materials that are built to last.
  • Removable covers – Make washing your dog beds easier.
  • Water-resistant – Accidents happen, and dogs like to go from the rain to bed.
  • Easy to clean – The simpler to clean, the better for everyone involved.


Puppy on blanket


Toys That Give Food

Playtime is essential for the health and wellbeing of a dog. But, when no one is there to initiate play, dogs rarely play by themselves and instead opt for another snooze.

The solution? Toys that reward your dog for playing with them by giving out food. This way, your dog is incentivized to play while you're not around because they know they will get a tasty treat.

Food-dispensing toys vary in difficulty, choose one that will keep your pooch challenged. These toys are a great way to keep your dog entertained and exercising when you can't be there. 

An Ultra-Strong Chew Toy

When your dog is left alone, feelings of separation anxiety, and loneliness are inevitable. If your little pup is particularly clingy, then this is even more true. 

When dogs feel like this, they tend to chew on things. If you don't have a chew toy, then your shoes, sofa, and anything else they can find will be their chew toy.

You can stop this bad behavior by providing them with an ultra-strong chew toy to destroy while you're out of the house. Some chew toys simply aren't safe and can be a choking hazard. It's best to invest in a quality chew toy designed for this purpose.

As a bonus, the chew toy will help keep their teeth and gums nice and healthy. 

Keep Their Brains Busy

We don't mean give them a sudoku puzzle. But, you can buy special puzzles for dogs that will engage their brain and keep them busy while you're not there. 

Keeping your dog stimulated is vital to their physical and mental health. Keeping his brain stimulated will also improve his life expectancy and avoid brain cognition issues in his old age. 

Dog puzzles are the perfect way to keep your dog's brain active and healthy. 

Let Them Vibe to Some Tunes

Yes, dogs like music too. Perhaps not Metallica or the latest pop song, but they do enjoy calm and relaxing sounds. It helps them to relax and stay calm while you're not around. 

So, set up a speaker with the ability to play music throughout the day. For those with Apple Music or Spotify, you can build your own unique playlist for your pooch. Alternatively, you can actually search the term "music for dogs" on either music app to find soothing music for your pooch.

YouTube has a special playlist by the name "Through a Dog's Ear," which is music specially made for dogs and has been tested in dog shelters and by vets. 

Dog sleeping at home


Dogflix and Chill

Dogs also love visual stimulation, as well as audio. DogTV is a channel dedicated to providing stay-at-home dogs with visual stimulation throughout the day. 

This channel provides 24/7 TV for dogs, which stimulates, entertains, and relaxes your pooch at home. The channel is filled with various sounds, objects, and movements, as seen through a dog's perspective. Trippy!

Studies have shown dogs can make out other animals on TV, as well as familiar sounds. When watching TV, it is thought dogs only recognize colors on the blue and yellow spectrum. 

DogTV is specially made to visually stimulate dogs with these facts in mind. DogTV also has special settings that can be altered by the owner for relaxation, stimulation, or exposure needs. 

Big Brother

No, we don't mean to get another dog. We mean surveillance but not in a creepy 1984 way. When left alone, dogs can be naughty, and they can also express odd behavior. 

Having some form of surveillance in the house allows you to identify harmful and odd behavior to rectify it. There are tons of great surveillance devices now available for dogs. Some of them can even hook up to your smartphone via an app.

Having surveillance can help sort out a lot of negative behaviors. Some owners realize their dog can be very loud, crying and barking, disturbing neighbors during the day. Others discover that the dog is chewing on the drywall or peeing in the potted plants.

Setting up a surveillance system isn't too expensive, and some systems can join your existing network if you have one already installed.

Calming Aids

There are several options for dog calming aids, which you may want to consider. If your dog is particularly excitable or crazy while you’re away, a calming aid might be the best solution. 

You can choose from several essential oils and even dog t-shirts and collars, which exude calm-inducing chemicals. 

If you feel like your dog struggles to stay calm without you, try a calming aid and see if it helps them relax a bit. 

A Dog Walker  

It is not practical for everyone because they can be expensive, but a dog walker is an excellent way to improve your stay-at-home dog's quality of life.

There are lots of different dog walking packages you can buy. Some are a short 30-minute walk around the neighborhood, and some can be a full day of care. 

Find a trustworthy and friendly dog walker for your pooch. Your dog will be ecstatic to go out for a walk during the day and will likely develop a relationship outside of your family. 

If you can't afford a professional dog walker, you could ask friends or neighbors to help you out. Some people will jump at the chance to take your dog for a quick walk every day. 

Final Thoughts

If you have to leave your dog at home for extended periods, creating a safe and enjoyable space for your pooch is essential. It will help them feel more relaxed at home and fight off separation anxiety, and loneliness.

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