Helping Your Dog Adjust to You Leaving the House
People don't consider their circumstances, how much free time they have on their hands or how much they will become involved in the training and grooming of their dog. They may have already made other plans or have committed to multiple activities besides the well-being of their dog, before actually deciding to take him home with them. In this absence, the canine will undoubtedly become anxious and alone and begin to manifest a behavior in tone with his mood, by tearing up the sofa and chewing and scratching various house items and the furniture. There are a high number of dogs that get sick from separation anxiety and don't handle being lonely very well. The best way to handle any future situation of this sort is by making sure the canine doesn't reach that state in the first place. He should be taught on a gradual basis on how to deal with separation anxiety by becoming exposed to a daily time frame of alone time. The following steps will prepare your dog for guarding the home himself.

You should ensure you are able to leave work for a few days or even one week before committing to owning a pet. Your canine will have enough time to adjust to your absence during this period. Another option that is available to workaholics is a dog sitter that can keep the dog entertained through the periods in which you are absent.

The dog should be taught in which room to stay while the master is not present in the house. The room should be spacious and the dog should have some if not all of his toys there to ensure he is entertained. The water bowl and the food bowl should both be in the room. You can train your dog to behave by allowing him to play without restraint in that room in your presence. You should allow him to become distracted from your presence and to focus his attention on things he considers fun. While the canine is having a blast playing with his toys you can leave the room for a couple of minutes and then return briefly. In short periods of time, you will teach the dog to handle not being in your company.

The time invested in this procedure should be increased slowly on a daily basis to teach the dog how to enjoy his own company. The canine won't get worried because he will now you will return and he will not notice when you leave for longer periods of time. He will not get anxious or destroy the furniture in your home instead he will patiently await your return.

The first dog training session should include a lot of playtime before taking your friend to the room. He will become happy and overjoyed while having fun and he will maintain that same emotional state during the time in which he is by himself in the room awaiting your return. A dog that is entertained and has everything that he needs in the room will not need your presence every single minute and he will distract himself with toys or take a nap in your absence. You should not overemphasize when leaving so he will not catch that negative vibe from you and feel frightened by being alone. By following the advice above you will no longer have any problems with leaving your dog home alone.

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