How about a Cocktail?

The new trio of shampoos from Barktini are the perfect blend for your pet when he/she needs a little pick me up! Choose from Cosmopolitan Canine, Daquiri Dog, Pina Colada Pooch or Margarita Mutt! One is yummier than the next. We received a few bottles to try out on our little family of Chihuahuas and it was like one big party! We mixed it up using the Cosmopolitan and Daquiri on the girls and the Margarita on the boys! Everyone smelled good enough to eat! (or to drink, as the case may be) There was lots of lather that rinsed away easily and left everybody feeling squeaky clean. Barktini Blends are soap-free and detergent free. So next time it's Yappy Hour - bark if you're dirty! Please bathe responsibly!!

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