Travel Calm for Thanksgiving Holiday Travel

Traveling over the river or through the woods can be easier for your dog with Travel Calm all-natural remedy mist from Earth Heart.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of celebration for families. But the stress of colder weather and travel can be stressful for the family dog. Many dogs can experience restlessness, drooling, panting, whimpering and tummy upset during travel, even on short trips.

Travel Calm is an all-natural mist and is a safe and healthy solution for travel-shy dogs. Created to help soothe restlessness and upset tummies during all forms of travel, the mist is formulated with pure essential oils that have been traditionally used in natural remedies, such as lavender and geranium for relaxation, and ginger stomach upset.

“Travel Calm works quickly by spraying directly onto a dog's crate bedding or clothing, or rubbed into their outer ears and abdomen, or on your car or dog seats,” said Earth Heart founder, Vicki Rae Thorne.

“I used Travel Calm to help my miniature long-haired dachshund from vomiting in the car, indicated Ann Morrison, of Halifax, Nova Scotia. “I simply sprayed it on her dog seat. It's a miracle. No vomiting! It can't be this easy!? Just a happy dog that wants to go for car drives now!”

Travel Calm won't stain or leave a sticky residue on materials or fur and can be used with puppies as young as eight weeks old. It is made in the USA, packaged in a BPA free container, and recommended by dog lovers and professionals as a safe and effective natural remedy providing relief to over 95% of dogs who experience restlessness, drooling, panting, whimpering and tummy upset during travel.

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