Who is the Best Workout Partner? Your Dog!

Everybody needs a partner to workout with every now and again to keep us motivated and accountable. The best guy for the job is the one who is always asking when and where you will next be heading out together. The curious type. Someone who is committed to your happiness and wellbeing. A good friend who can't contain their excitement every time they hear that tantalizing four-letter word... W-A-L-K.

That's right, we're talking about your dog. It doesn't matter what level of fitness you start with, you can guarantee that once you've chosen your workout, dog diggity will be all ears and ready to go before you've got your shoes on.

In this article, we're going to offer the hottest tips to get your dog workout-primed and transform them into your new fave exercise buddy! We'll also talk about how much exercise your dog needs and all the wonderful benefits you'll both receive as you begin dog sports and maintain an active lifestyle.

How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?

The amount and type of exercise your dog needs depends on its age, breed, and size. In general, dogs need between thirty minutes and two hours of activity per day. The amount of activity senior dogs require will decrease as they age, and some dog owners have claimed their puppy could complete thirty hours of exercise in a day and still not be tired.

Similarly, consider your dog's breed as you select an exercise routine for the two of you to complete together. For example, a Labrador or a Husky may be better able to handle a run in rocky mountain terrain better than a Sausage Dog.

Get out and about with your dog for better overall health

Lastly, when you regularly workout with your dog, make sure they're getting the best nutrition so they can replenish their energy and repair after a hard and fun day of work! If you need some fancy ideas, check out Bitch New York's range of organic, additive-free, handmade gourmet dog treats. Packed with good stuff, these will support your dog's regeneration so you can stay workout buddies over the long term.

How To Exercise With Senior Dogs

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, you may notice changes in your dog's activity levels as he or she ages. This is a natural process caused by internal shifts occurring in their bodies. Like humans, dogs can develop arthritis in their senior years which makes high-impact activities like dancing and running challenging or painful for them.

If this is the case, select from some of the low-impact exercises on this list. Yoga and swimming are excellent for older dogs as they tend to move slower and won't stress the dog's body. Similarly, maintaining a regular exercise routine in a dog's younger years will improve their bone density, cardiovascular health, and strength to support their body as they age.

Take Your Dog For A Walk

While the length and duration of your walks may differ from breed to breed, the benefits of walking apply to all dogs! The advantages include improving cardiovascular health, joint health, and emotional security, and most dogs are calmer at home after a good walk. The best part is that dog owners reap the same benefits from walking!

Walks allow your dog to get out and interact with the world, smell the delightful scents, and make friends with other dogs. Take a different route each day to offer them new experiences and enrich their lives.

You'll need a durable and strong walking leash or harness to keep your pup safe as you make your way to the dog park. Additionally, you can find a stylish matching collar or a sporty identification tag so if they go wandering astray, they're sure to make it back to their pet parents safely.

Go Running

While a good walk in the park with your best friend is the perfect way to wind down at the end of the day, both dogs and humans need a little cardio in their lives to keep them in excellent physical and mental condition.

For the ultimate workout joy, give your dog off-leash running time and let him or her roam alongside you. That way they have the freedom to explore their surroundings and interact with other dogs as they please.

Keep in mind that not all dogs have the physical agility to run for hours and hours. In particular, a senior dog may have sensitive joints and experience pain when they run. Dog owners know their pups best, so use your judgment about the type and level of exercise you do together and the terrain they are exposed to.

Create a Dance Routine

Teach your puppy how to dance!

If walking and running are not your things, how about getting your dog moving with a dance session? Freestyle dance allows you to tap into your creativity and improve cardiovascular health as you workout the dog in a fun way.

While pupper may not be able to waltz or salsa, they'll love the energy of the exercise and may learn a few new tricks along the way. Plus, dancing as an exercise with a dog will improve stamina and balance, lower your blood pressure and burn calories at the same time!

Swim Together

One of the best ways to get a full-body workout with your dog is to go swimming! This exercise is great for dogs and people with sensitive joints or arthritis since it's a low-impact sport and it engages the whole body. Swimming will improve endurance and works the heart and lungs.

If it's summertime, dog-friendly rivers and beaches are the best places to hang out - and there's the bonus of combining your swim with a walk and a few blissful rays of sun. Take doggo's favorite ball or find a good stick and add a game of fetch into the mix!

Bear in mind that not all dogs love water, and some don't know how to swim. As a pet parent, you're probably already aware of whether you've landed a water dog or not. If you are unsure, always allow them to approach the water and dip their paws in first so you can gauge how comfortable they are. It's never too late to learn to swim. If you're still teaching your dog, grab a high-quality and safe lifejacket to support them as they begin to embrace the deeper waters.


Who doesn't love frisbee? As a physical activity, the sport will put most dogs' cardio and endurance to the test. It's also an excellent tool for agility training and is super accessible since you can plan in almost any open green expanse.

Frisbee allows dogs the space to play with your fave workout crew and strengthens the bond between you and your pet as you socially engage in an active environment. Plus, this is one of the dog sports that can help reinforce obedience between a dog owner and their friend.

Frisbees are readily available in most sports shops. Though if you're struggling to find one, you can always bring their favorite ball along or find a stick at a nearby park and have a game of fetch.


Found at the forefront of the many glorious benefits hiking can offer your puppy is the kaleidoscope of new smells they become exposed to. Dogs tend to experience their environment through their powerful sense of smell, and hiking in new environments offers them a chance to expand their olfactory horizons while building muscle tone.

Spending time in nature exercising with your pal brings mental stimulation and health benefits for the two of you. Mother nature can calm our minds, reduce stress, and erode mental fatigue more effectively than Netflix and a glass of wine. Plus you and your furry friend will get a great night's rest afterward.

Some hiking trails are abundant with vulnerable wildlife that curious dogs love to sniff out and play with. Many dogs can pose a threat to these species, so it's wise to enroll your pup in obedience training so they learn to leave small mountain animals alone and focus on scaling heights instead.


Yoga with pup is a great exercise for flexibility and peace of mind.

If there are any species on planet Earth to hold mastery over the art of being present in the moment, it is dogs. So when you choose to take the time for zen exercise, you may learn something from your pup too! It's become such a popular joint activity the term "Doga" has started circulating.

Dog yoga supports companionship and mental awareness. It encourages you to slow down and embrace a meditative state while stretching, which improves flexibility and strength and provides exceptional benefits for the mind, too. For full advantages, ensure you're breathing deeply and steadily during yoga. Here are a couple of poses you can try with your buddy:

  • Child's Pose: Kneeling with your knees hip-width apart, place your hands on the ground directly below your shoulders. Gently rest back onto your heels and stretch your arms in front of you.
  • Downward Dog: Position yourself on your hands and feet, with your feet hip-width apart. Push your hips back and up as you straighten your legs. Stay in this position for a few breaths and transition back to the child's pose.

Often, dogs love interacting with their owners when they do yoga. Doggo may come to lie down beside you or even mimic your stretches as they relax into a meditative state too. Bliss!

Obstacle Course

Creating an obstacle course is an activity the whole family can enjoy. You can make them more mentally stimulating or physically engaging depending on how much exercise your dog needs. Plus obstacle courses are so much fun!

You can be as creative as you like in building the course. Just make sure the activities are appropriate for your dog's size, breed, and activity levels. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Place hula hoops in the yard for a pup to run in and out of
  • Fill a small splash pool or bucket with water to freshen them up
  • Grab a rope or tug toy and play tug of war
  • Keep plenty of toys on hand to scatter around for them


Working out with your dog can be an engaging, healthy, bonding activity for you both. While dogs require varying levels and types of exercise according to their age and breed, there are many creative ways to integrate a fun exercise routine into your life.

You and your dog will be able to enjoy a calmer state of mind, sleep better, and overall have more energy for the day when you work out together - particularly if you regularly maintain a balance and variety of activities.

Bitch New York has all the right gear for your pup as you prepare for your new active lifestyle together. Check out our range of nutritious treats, leashes, collars, and tug toys as a starting position to make the most of your workout dog. 

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