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Bespoke Dog Coats

A bespoke dog coat is a garment made specifically to fit a specific dog. It can be difficult to find the right size and style for your pup, so bespoke coats are the perfect solution! The best part about bespoking a coat is that you have unlimited designs and styles from which to choose. There really is something for every pup on our website.

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Bespoke Dog Raincoat Meadow

From $186.00 - $288.00

Bespoke Dog Raincoat Pattern

From $186.00 - $288.00

Bespoke Dog Raincoat Sand

From $175.00 - $259.00

Bespoke Dog Raincoat Navy

From $175.00 - $259.00

Bespoke Dog Raincoat Currant

From $175.00 - $259.00

Whether you want a more classic look with plaids and checks, or something fun like polka dots, there are bespoke dog coats for every taste.

Why is it so beneficial to have a custom made dog coat?

  • There is nothing better than a perfectly fitting bespoke coat for your pup!
  • Customized design makes each bespoke coat unique.
  • You can choose fabrics, prints and colors to make your bespoke dog coat perfect for you!

What's the secret to making bespoke coats for dogs?

It's a lot of hard work and attention to detail. The first step is taking the dog’s measurements so that the tailor can make sure there is enough room to move around in their new coat, but not so much space that they'll be able to back out of it or even take it off themselves!

The second important thing is that the materials should be durable, comfortable and soft. They also need to be water resistant and weatherproof - perfect for the cold winter months. We want our bespoke dog coats to last, so we use tough yet breathable fabrics like wool or corduroy on the outside with a soft lining of cotton inside!

That's about it really. Aside from making sure that your bespoke coat fits your dog perfectly, being consistent with the quality of materials is key. The last thing you want to do is create a bespoke coat for dogs that falls apart after just one season!

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