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Custom Dog Jackets: Create a Unique Look

Every dog is unique, with his or her own character, constitution, behavior and appearance, so why not let your dog wear something unique too? Dog owners are always looking for ways to make their dogs feel more comfortable, and wearing an outfit that is specifically designed for them can help.

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Custom Peace Denim Dog Jacket

From $90.00 - $94.00

Custom Vegas Denim Dog Jacket

From $83.00 - $87.00

Custom Space Denim Dog Jacket

From $98.00 - $102.00

A personalized coat benefits the dog in many ways:

  • It can protect your dog from cold, wind and rain
  • It can make your dog look his or her best
  • It is a great way to show off your own style

The custom coat you order online will be made specifically for the size and shape of your dog, with all of the features that are most important for him or her in mind. Customized coats fit better than ready-to-wear products and they are also more comfortable. Custom dog jackets can be just what you need to add a touch of personality or individuality to your pup!

Here Are Some Helpful Hints For Selecting a Custom Dog Coat

Check the size of your dog.The best place to start is with the neck circumference. Your dog's neck should be measured for a snug fit.

When selecting a custom coat, measure length and width around the dog's chest to be sure it fits properly. If you are between sizes or unsure which to choose, always go for bigger.

Also keep in mind which breed your dog is! A husky or a greyhound needs to have more space around the chest for their long fur. An English bulldog or pug will do better with an adjustable clasp in the back.

When measuring your dog for a custom coat, consider whether he or she will be wearing it during walks on cold days or while playing at the park with other dogs. If you plan to use this coat regularly and outdoors, choose a fabric that is water resistant and relatively heavy.

And last of all, the fabric: make sure it doesn't crackle, shed fur on furniture and floors (such as with fleece), slip out of place, or get caught on other dogs while playing.

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