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Bitch New York has searched far and wide to provide pet owners with the finest collection of designer dog collars available. Our designer dog collars include leather collars, ribbon collars, studded or spiked collars, crystal collars, and even personalized dog collars. You are sure to find a luxury dog collar that is ideal for every occasion.

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The Best Designer Dog Collars for Any Occasion

A collar is an essential item for any type of dog. By buying the right collar, your furry friend will be able to go out in style and comfort while keeping them safe while out walking or playing. 

From studded classic dog collars to brightly colored crystals and shiny hardware, there's something for every pooch's personality. Whether you want a simple and subtle design or something more eye-catching, you'll be sure to purchase the perfect one for your pup at Bitch New York. So let your pup express themselves with style.

How to buy the best dog collar for your furry friend

Choose the Right Size 

Keeping your pup comfortable and safe requires the right size designer dog collar. An ill-fitted collar can cause pain or even slip off. Fortunately, most dog collar designer brands come with sizing guides to help you determine the best option. 

Most dog collars can be adjusted quickly and easily. You should however make sure you buy more than one puppy collar if you intend to fit your puppy through its incredibly fast growth.

An attractive and comfortable collar will not only fit them perfectly but will also last a couple of months as they grow.

Choose a Comfortable Material

Natural hemp collars are lightweight and strong, so it’s a great idea to buy one. It is also hypoallergenic and antimicrobial by nature, which provides unparalleled comfort and strength without weighing down your pup. 

Industrial-strength nylon webbing allows you to keep your dog close without sacrificing comfort. Water-resistant and quick-drying material will also prevent chafing and skin irritations. These heavy-duty dog collars are also available in an array of attractive bright colors. 

If your dog struggles with a collar, you might need to relax the neck. Choose from our large selection of dog harnesses to buy the perfect fit.

Consider Your Dog’s Activity Level

Does your pup have an unquenchable need for exploration? Make sure they experience their adventures in comfort and style with a fast-drying, tough canvas or woven fabric dog collar. These materials are designed to keep them dry during outdoor activities.

Has your small pup become a cuddly couch potato? Pamper them with the latest designer nylon collar. Or, add timeless flair with the classic elegance of leather – strong enough for even the most active pooch.

What are the features of a Good Dog Collar?

With new models and materials released annually, it can be hard to purchase the best collar for your four-legged friend. At its core, a great dog collar is all about one thing: keeping them safe. With our wide selection – you can buy collars designed with safety as the top priority.

Keep your pup safe with a reliable and tough collar, crafted from comfortable yet sturdy materials. The collars also feature secure spots to attach an ID tag or a charm to allow you to quickly locate your pup if they go missing.

What are Dog Collars made of?


The strength, durability, and versatility of leather make it one of the most popular materials for dog collars.

Owners of big, athletic dogs should buy leather collars to allow them to control their big pups on a leash in complete comfort. Leather collars are not necessary for smaller, less active dogs.

Faux Leather

A faux leather collar made of PU or PVC is a more affordable and vegan-friendly alternative to real leather.

Nylon and Nylon blend

Dog collars are often made from nylon since it is lightweight and durable. Unlike leather collars, nylon and nylon blend collars are easy to clean, durable, comfortable, and fast-drying.

The nylon collar comes in a variety of prints and styles, making it the ideal choice for fashion-forward dogs.

Luxury Dog Collars

Luxury dog collars are usually handcrafted and made with top-quality materials, such as Italian leather, tweed, and cotton on the inside to make your pup more comfortable. Also included are harnesses and leashes that are designed for dogs.

Should you buy tags for Dog Collars?

Protecting your pup is a priority and custom tags for dog collars can help make sure they stay safe. Tags provide essential information, such as vaccinations & contact numbers – even the owner’s address in case of emergency.

Purchase functional and stylish dog collars with personalized ID tags that you can feel secure about.

Customized Dog Collars

Show off your pup's personality and style with a one-of-a-kind custom dog collar. Buying unique collars designed exclusively to fit your pet will make every walk around town even more fashionable.

Our customizable dog collars come in an array of eye-catching colors and comfortably fit up to seven charms. 

Keeping Dog Collars Clean

Keep that pup looking its best with a special cleaning routine for collars and accessories. 

  • Make sure the dog collar is machine washable by checking its label, and wash it only on a delicate cycle if the manufacturer recommends it.
  • Thorough and delicate hand washing is recommended. 
  • Use a gentle anti-allergenic dog shampoo or a heavy-duty stain remover to remove grass, food, and mud stains.
  • Use a soft-bristled brush or the power of damp cloths to work around both inside and outside areas.
  • Get rid of strong, unpleasant odors by soaking it overnight in a DIY solution of two quarts of cold water and one cup of baking soda after it has been thoroughly cleaned. 
  • Air drying is the best way to dry your pup's collar and accessories.

What are the Best Dog Collars?

Polyester Webbing Dog Collar With Personalized Buckle Spring Plaid Denim

A stylish and comfortable collar made from tough polyester webbing is a great buy. It resists rot and moisture so you can be worry-free when out for walks. You can micro engrave their personalized details on the side release buckle for an added layer of protection. Plus, this American-made accessory is machine washable to make maintenance easier than ever before. Shop now to find out prices!

Polyester Webbing Dog Collar With Personalized Buckle Blue Boho Mandala

The psychedelic dog collar is a perfect buy for pups who want to make a statement. Featuring UV-resistant fabric and state-of-the-art dyeing processes for unbeatable durability - no more worries about fading bright colors! And it's lightweight and smooth as silk so your pup will stay comfortable all day long. Perfect for artists, musicians, or anyone looking to add some fun flair to their pet's look. Order online and view the latest prices here.

Ava Double Row Close Crystal Dog Collar

This exquisite collar is sure to draw admiring glances, with its luxurious design crafted using genuine leather encrusted in shimmering Swarovski crystals that sparkle like never before! Rest easy knowing each crystal has been hand-riveted for enhanced durability and pair it with our matching leash for a truly magnificent look. Check prices & place your order now!

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