Dog Eyes & Ears

Your dog's ears are sensitive and need regular maintenance to prevent infections. Tear stains are a common problem among certain breeds. White-colored dogs are more likely to have tear staining on their faces because the pigments in their tears can easily dye light-colored fur.

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Every Ear Wash
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Formulated for all animals, this every ear wash can be used on a variety of ear conditions and is gentle enough for daily use. The formula aids in the removal of moisture, wax, and dirt build-up that can cause odor...

Instant Dog Ear Cleaner
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Warren London's Instant Dog Ear Clear is a natural eucalyptus-based formula used to loosen and remove ear wax. Instant Ear Cleaner provides instant relief to the ear canal with a soothing feeling. This product can also reduce inflammation caused by...

Pooch Botanique MedAcetic Ear And Skin Cleanser
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Keep your dog's ears healthy and clean with this powerful patented Pooch Botanique MedAcetic Ear And Skin Cleanser. Formulated with 1.25% boric acid and 1.25% acetic acid, this touch but soothing cleanser alleviates a wide range of ear ailments. Anti-fungal...