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Dog Pants & Jumpers

How do dogs wear pants? Flawlessly, that’s how. Dogs in pants are dogs with style. Turn your furry friend into the next dog model on Instagram or just add the bottom half to a super cute top and create an adorable outfit perfect for any occasion. Try a jumper if your pup needs more warmth or you just want to crank the cuteness all the way up.
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Dog Lounge Tracksuit Grey

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Dog Lounge Tracksuit Pink

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Titus Dog Jumper

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Recovery Dog Overall

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City Glam Dog Track Suit Pink

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City Glam Dog Tracksuit Brown

From $81.00 - $87.00

Do the pants dance?

Let’s face it: pants are overrated. You wear them all day and they’re the first thing to come off when you get home from work. Well, maybe it’s time you let the dog wear the pants in your family. Dog pants are here to stay and they’re picking up where the humans left off.


These shorts for your dog are the perfect accessory for the work-at-home hound. Thin and cool, they’re great for lounging around on lazy Sunday afternoons. If you’re heading out, they also pair nicely with a soft cotton tee (we won’t tell). Is your pup accident-prone? Don’t sweat it. An elastic waistband offers a free range of movement and the sturdy material makes washing and care a piece of cake. Choose from a variety of colors and prints to find the best fit for your furry friend.

Tracksuits and Jumpsuits

Small dogs don’t produce as much body heat as large dogs. If you’re looking for a practical yet adorable way to keep your pup warm on a brisk day, a one-piece dog outfit could be the solution. Flexible fabric makes for unrestricted movement, essential for playtime. Velour dog jumpsuits and tracksuits will have your pup looking and feeling like royalty. Complete with detailed embroideries, rhinestones, and ribbon detail.


Who doesn’t love a comfortable and stylish pair of blue jeans? Since their invention, jeans have been an American icon; a symbol of rugged hard work and troubled youth. Well now, you can give your dog a little bit of that rough and tough attitude. These puppy pants don’t leave out any details, including everything from turned-up cuffs, pocket chains, and hip-hop style embroidery accents. Dog dungarees are made from authentic 100% cotton denim, so they’re not only cute, they’re strong too! Whether you’re going for classic Americana, or you want to give your pup a little hip-hop flair, jeans are the way to go.

Cargo Pants

If urban streetwear is the style you’re after, try out a pair of dog cargo bottoms. Check out some tactical camos made from ripstop cotton; a material highly sought after by adventurers for its impressive strength-to-weight ratio. Get back to basics with some natural linen, great for keeping dogs cool and comfortable. Complete with drawstrings and roomy side pockets.


For an animal outfit containing enough cuteness power to break the internet, the only option is dog overalls. These two-in-one trousers combine top and bottom with shiny snap buttons and adjustable straps. Toot Toot! This high fashion hound is leaving the station.

Featured products

Dog Lounge Tracksuit Pink

Everyone needs a gym buddy. Stretchy super soft fabric and an elastic waistband make this tracksuit perfect for busting out some downward dog together at the yoga studio or taking a casual walk through the park. Great for late fall and early spring because after all, nothing beats your favorite hoodie on a cool day.

Following a post-body pump session bath, your furry friend is going to need something comfy to get into. If you’re looking for the cherry on top of dog accessories, allow us to introduce you to the ultimate domestic essential: dog robes!

Peace Dog Camo Pants

If love is truly all you need, then why not show some to the one who loves you most? A pair of ‘60s hippie style camo dog bottoms complete with a custom piece patch will have your pooch packing up and heading to Woodstock. These cargos are perfect for concerts, music festivals, and other hipster gatherings where your pup can strut their stuff.

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