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Whether your little diva wants to be the talk of the dog park or your pet is joining you at a fancy celebration, she needs a new dog dress! From a little black dress that is a staple in every furry fashionista's closet or a fancy dog dress to match the bridal party at your wedding, Bitch New York is definitely home to the hottest trends in canine couture.
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Yellow Honey Bee Dog Dress

From $77.00 - $107.00

Fashion Plaid Dog Dress

From $99.00 - $143.00

Tiffany Lace Dog Dress

From $51.00 - $63.00

Take It Easy Dog Tank Dress

From $47.00 - $59.00

St. Tropez Knotted Dog Dress

From $91.00 - $103.00

Santas Helper Dog Dress

From $66.00 - $78.00

Red Dog Sweater Dress

From $30.00 - $36.00

Ready To Sparkle Dog Dress

From $49.00 - $61.00

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