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Staying healthy is the key to a happy life. Going for long walks, running in the park, playing Frisbee or ball are all things people and dogs love to do together. All of this activity can lead to injuries for your pet – especially their paws. We all like to be pampered every now and then. And the same goes for our four-footed loved ones.

Taking preventative measures when dealing with your dog’s health is the best practice. Here are a few suggestions from Bitch New York ( to maintain a happy healthy (and pampered) dog:

  • Keeping your dog well groomed and clean is the best start. Think about it; if you were covered with dirt, loose hairs and dander, you wouldn't be jumping for joy either. Full body paw wipes are a great product to keep your dog looking and feeling great.
  • Dog paws may be a bit tougher than human feet, however, they are still sensitive, and when exposed to natural elements encountered with normal exercise, injuries can occur. It is very important to have a daily routine for checking your dogs’ paws for cuts, scrapes or splinters, especially after any extra-curricular activities. Regular application of Paw Conditioning Treatment will protect their paws from everyday wear and tear.
  • If skin damage, cracked pads, or dry nose has already occurred, apply Dog Paw Defense Wax immediately. It combats dry itchy skin, promotes rapid healing, and protects healing damaged skin.
  • Trimming your dog’s paw nails regularly can help prevent cracked or broken nails. Just make sure you don't trim too much, as this can cause bleeding and discomfort for you dog. Just trim a little at time on a regular basis and your dog with develop healthy nails. Make sure you keep their paws clean of debris and any foreign objects by starting and don't forget the Dog Pawdicure Fizz Tablets. Some dogs grow more hair than others in between their toes, so keeping this hair trimmed will help prevent paw irritation and debris from getting tangled in their fur.
  • During cold winter months, dog paws are more susceptible to drying and cracking. Applied daily, products like Paw Butter provides soothing and moisturizing relief to paw pads while acting as a protective barrier against ice, salt and sand. Make sure you dry their paws if they get wet, as this can contribute to drying and cracking too. If there are mild cuts discovered, be sure to clean the cut with antibacterial cleanser and apply a bandage on the cut. If the dog is in noticeable pain, take him/her to the veterinarian immediately.

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