If Your Dog Is Naked This Winter, Shame On You!

For Immediate Release:

New York City, USA – Canine Couture is all the rage with celebrities like Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson. Now the lead singer of Sugar Ray, Mark McGrath, has his 4 dogs wearing luxury collars made by Caserta Pets courtesy of BitchNewYork.com. This cottage industry has seen triple-digit growth in the past year. New York Pet Fashion Week in September 2006 boasted hundreds of new vendors, media, and customers; it ended with a trendy and luxurious four-legged fashion show.

"If your dog is naked this winter - shame on you! When we go out, we put on a sweater or coat. Dog coats and sweaters are more than just a cute fashion statement, they are a necessity. All dogs, not just short-hair Chihuahuas, love our fashions." claims Stacy Braverman, who has 4 dogs herself. She proudly displays her hand-picked luxuries on her website, BitchNewYork.com.

She's already created controversy, while trying to advertise her URL on Google. So she has resorted to using her alternative URL BNYDogs.com. Braverman's New York based company carries a selection of high-end canine couture and unique dog clothing to the larger middle market. "Our brand is fun; it's not meant to offend anybody. I started our business for people like me: We enjoy style, with attitude. We want to show off that style on our dogs!" Braverman concluded.

Stacy Braverman, who runs the business with the help of her ex-husband, and 16 year old daughter, has already started creating a buzz around her website. Stacy Braverman expects even more attention as her BitchNewYork.com t-shirts appear on a few Hollywood stars at an upcoming movie premiere. Look for the paparazzi's pics.

About Bitch New York

Bitch New York is home to "the hottest trends in canine couture!" We keep up with the latest pet fashion by seeking out the newest designer dog apparel and most unique designer dog accessories we can find. Give your dog that special “something” that will separate your pal from other pets. Find a unique selection of designer dog clothes, personalized engraved name tags, crystal dog collars, dog bling, dog carriers, designer dog bowls, and more from Bitch New York. Let your doggy buddy know how much you care. Visit us online at bitchnewyork.com