Biothane No-Stink Waterproof Dog Collar The Sonny


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18 (3/4" W)
18 (1" W)
No Matching Leash
With 3/4" x 48" Matching Leash
With 3/4" x 72" Matching Leash
No Personalized Plate
With Personalized Plate

This collar is waterproof and odor-proof, and it performs exceptionally well in sunlight. This collar is resistant to dirt, moisture, and odors and can be quickly cleaned with soap and water. Genuine Biothane coated webbing has a track record of endurance in demanding applications involving flexibility, strength, cleanability, and safety.

These are equally attractive and stylish for any dog, but they work especially well for active dogs when strength, odor resistance, and waterproofing are needed. You can't go wrong with this collar as it is flexible, sturdy, easy to clean, and resistant to abrasion.

Personalization is laser engraved on a custom stainless steel plate with a state-of-the-art fiber laser that is guaranteed for the life of your pet. The plate is riveted on the collar so it is located on the back of your dog's neck, right where it should be.

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Quick Look -
- No-Stink and Waterproof
- Dirt, moisture, abrasion, and odor resistant
- Personalized stainless steel name plate is permanently riveted onto the middle of the collar so it's always on the back of your dog's neck for easy identification.
- No noisy hanging id tags!
- Pristine laser engraving
- Up to 3 lines engraved with a maximum of 15 characters/spaces per line.

Hardware Colors: Silver, Black

12: 3/4" W (adjusts from 10"-12")
14: 3/4" W (adjusts from 11"-14")
16: 3/4" W (adjusts from 13"-16")
18: Choose from 3/4" W or 1" W (adjusts from 15"-18")

20: 1" W (adjusts from 17"-20")
22: 1" W (adjusts from 19"-22")
24: 1" W (adjusts from 21"-24")
26: 1" W (adjusts from 23"-26"

Leash Sizes:
3/4" x 48"
3/4" x 72"

Please allow approximately 3-4 weeks for delivery. Each product has its own unique size chart. Make sure to measure your pet based on the size chart available for each product. Referring to the size chart shown will help ensure the perfect fit.

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