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Recovery Dog Shirt

$83.00 USD

The recovery dog shirt is made of special Far infrared-emitting fabric to boost recovery after exercise. The shirt has been designed especially with active dogs and senior dogs in mind but all dogs can enjoy the benefits of recovery clothing. Use the recovery shirt before and after training or as pajamas to maximize the rest. The shirt may also be used as an underlayer to provide additional warmth in cold weather. 

- Extremely comfortable - design and elastic fabric allow free movement, yet the garment covers all big muscles.
- All seams are flat, so the shirt suits even the most sensitive dogs.
- Adjustable leg straps.
- Composition: 55% cotton, 37% graphene, 8% elastane.

Sizes: (back length) 10-26

No two dogs are created equal, neither are size charts! Please refer to the size chart to ensure the perfect fit.