ABSOLUTELY STUNNING Memories in Crystal!

I often receive products for review and ultimately inclusion in the exclusive Bitch New York lineup. However, today I received the most stunning and unique set of items that it took me a few minutes to actually formulate a thought - I was speechless! I had to call my son into the room to witness the splendor that was sitting on the table before me. It was a crystal cube perched on a lighted base with the faces of two of my six Chihuahuas suspended in it. You could see the images from every angle. The owner of the company so thoughtfully inscribed it with "My Two Boys" and it is now a treasured keepsake that is displayed proudly in my home.

The company, so aptly named Memories in Crystal, uses lasers to create a 3-D version of an image in crystal. The process is called “Vitrography.” They have various different products including a key chain (which was also included in my phenomenal gift) that lights up when you push a button, a pocket charm, urns and photo displays (2-D). These are truly some of the most unique items I have seen and we will be adding them to BitchNewYork.com straight away!

This is a perfect gift - if you gush over your pets like we do and want to display their likeness for all to see or if you or someone you know has lost a pet - what a great way to keep the memory alive!

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