Characteristically Ageless, Yet Unmistakably Modern.

Leading Designer for European Label Suck Right Dog Accessories Viktoria Csepleo has been creating collars, accessories, and jewelry for dogs since 2010. Made with meticulous handwork and detailed elaboration. Viktoria combines different materials in her characteristic fantasy world.

Combining a love of Paris and Soft Pink Colors the Mademoiselle Dog Shirt is the Parisian Dog Lovers Dream. The Travel bed, Dog Leash, Dog Collar, and Dog Shirt will have your pooch turning heads and traveling in comfort and style no matter where the road takes you.

What's not to love when it comes to Pony's and fun Spring colors? Soft Blue and Pink and Fun Polka Dots on the Dotty Pony Dog Bed make this one of our favorite spring collections. Strutting the boardwalk, the sidewalk or the red carpet your dog will be the talk of the town.

These are just two of the fabulous collections that make up the Suck Right Dog Accessories showcase on our site. Whilst you're browsing the showcase be sure to check out the Blooming Dog Collar - another of our favorite must-haves for Spring.

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