Christmas Came Early for the Chihuahuas!

 Today we received a box of goodies from one of our newest vendors, St. George Pets! They make the most cuddly, scrumptious dog beds and blankets and I couldn't resist asking if they would make one for the adorable models of Bitch New York! The owners of St. George Pets, Pat Stallings and Karan Cerutti didn't hesitate to send us a box of goodies to test out for our loyal customers. So here goes...

This bed is made from the softest faux fur in a reptile grey and reverses to a grey shag! I have never seen this reptile fur and it is super cool looking. The fur is so minky soft, I had to resist not curling myself up into a ball and jumping in! Though I just might need one larger than this medium size!

It is also adjustable so that if your dog likes a flat bed, you can let it all the way out or pull it all the way in tight for a cozy place to burrow into. It is reversible so if today I feel like a light grey mood I can flip it over. It's like having two beds in one! But that's not all...

They sent us a whole bunch of awesome blankets. Each one is softer than the other. I couldn't really choose which one I liked the best but lucky for me...they are all ours! The matching blanket is in the bed with the boys - who quickly took over the product testing and decided not to share!




It appears that they are very happy and comfy in their new bed!

If you want an early Christmas celebration for your dog, pick one of these dog beds!

Thank you again to Pat and Karan for giving us an early Christmas celebration!

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