How To Ged a  Dog's Attention

Now you’re going to continue with this exact method for 15 minutes. Simply get down on your knee to about your pet's eye level and then untie the long-line of the dog's collar. Make sure you do not take off the collar as of yet. Then, take a few seconds and talk to your dog and tell him that he's doing an excellent job. Then give your dog a nice pet on his head while you're talking to him with a happy tone within your voice. Giving your dog praise and petting him on his head is basically all he really needs. This will help shape up his attitude for the next few lessons that will continue.

Take a Break

Finally, when you're finished with praising your pet, gently take off his training collar and give your dog some privacy for a break. Never leave his dog collar on when he's unattended. The ring can actually snag objects and cause him to strangle. Within your very first 15 minutes of dog training, it may seem unremarkable. But, if you have followed the instructions the right way, your pet will start to realize that when he is tied to you he has to move along with you. Now, if your dog has failed to recognize this on the first day of training, make sure that he learns it. He should around the fourth day or so. There are other things that your dog will learn, for example, he will learn to utilize sound judgment. He will also demonstrate a will stronger than his own. Your dog will begin to grow confidence and respect your request.

Second Day

During the second day of dog training, this should be exactly the same as day one. The only difference is the pattern direction. Your starting point can be the opposite of the previous day. That way, your dog will not discover ahead of time the direction you want to take him. It all depends on the type of dog you have. You may or you may not struggle with him during the 2nd day of training. However, if you do struggle a little, just handle it the same as you did the very first day of dog training.  Make sure you ignore every distraction your dog gives you and just walk on.

Day Three

Now, on day three, even the most disobedient dog will start to recognize that nothing that he is trying is going to stop you from going in your own direction. So, he will have to go. You will begin to notice that your dog will be watching you whenever you repeat the steps of the first couple of dog training days. Your dog is learning that he has to move along with his master when he's on the leash. He will recognize that he will not guide you to his own intentions. So, your dog will learn to do one important task and that is to pay attention to his owner.

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