Halloween For Dogs Is Just A Mist Away With Canine Calm
Canine Calm can help dogs suffering from the stress of Halloween activities.

Halloween offers families many opportunities for celebration. Whether you’re attending a Halloween dog party, taking your dog trick or treating, or just welcoming trick-or-treaters to your home, the busy activities, sights, sounds, and smells of the season can be stressful for the family dog.

Dogs can experience restlessness, drooling, panting, hyperactivity, and whimpering as a result of Halloween activities. Although there has been a growing trend among veterinarians to prescribe anti-anxiety medications for nervous dogs, there are natural solutions to help dogs cope with the stress associated with Halloween activities.

Earth Heart Inc., offers one of those natural remedies. Canine Calm was created 12 years ago to help calm dogs while kenneled.

“Over 95% of our customers have reported a soothing effect on their dogs during holiday excitement as well as thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, competition, adoptions and other unsettling times, “ says Earth Heart's founder. “They appreciate a safe natural product that is easy to use, works quickly, and smells good!”

Canine Calm is formulated with all-natural ingredients, including pure essential oils, such as lavender, tangerine, and geranium that have been traditionally used in remedies for relaxation. Canine Calm is made in the USA and packaged in a BPA free spray bottle. The ready to use spray is easy to use, won’t stain or leave a sticky residue on materials or fur, and can safely be sprayed and rubbed onto the dog’s ear tips and abdomen, or directly onto bedding or clothing, on car seats and inside the car or travel crate. Canine Calm is a family-friendly product and is safely diluted for use with puppies as young as eight weeks old.

Other Earth Heart products include Buzz Guard, Guard Well, and Travel Calm.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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