How Did Canine Calm Help My Pets On Halloween?

I was asked to try the all-natural, Canine Calm with my dogs on Halloween. With Halloween safely behind usI can tell you a bit about our experience. To set the stage, I have 6 Chihuahuas. Yes, I said 6! Typically, Chihuahuas are not a calm breed. Mine tend to be very docile and quiet all day while we work but it is generally very quiet in here. That is until the doorbell rings. Well, with Halloween looming over our heads, the Canine Calm was a welcome sight as I took it out of the package.

The directions suggest that you try using Canine Calm on yourself at a non-threatening time and let your dog get close to you so that he can associate the scent with comfort. What better time than bedtime? So for a couple of nightsI sprayed my clothes with the Canine Calm just before I got into bed and the 6 little "teddy bears" climbed in to settle down with me. It is a pleasant scent so it was a very enjoyable experience for all of us.

Today was the dreaded day. I started a bit before I expected the trick-or-treaters to show up by spraying the Canine Calm onto my palms and lightly rubbing it onto their coats. I misted their dog beds that are close to the front window as well. As expected, once the doorbell started to ring it was Chihuahua pandemonium. However, they seemed to calm down quicker than normal once the "intruders" had left the premises. Normally they don't settle down as easily so I think it could be attributed to the Canine Calm. So maybe they should change the name to "Owner Sanity" instead. (Just a thought.) In any event, I am a proponent of anything that smells good, is made of all natural ingredients and brings about a sense of calm to this furry brood. Two thumbs up for Canine Calm!

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