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It's Not Every Day You Get To Laugh Your Tail Off!

Posted on March 27 2012

Well, today was one of those days! We received a very generous package in the mail that included 3 new "Laughing Leashes." They claim that these leashes are the leash you always wanted but never knew existed. These adorable leashes come in a variety of "fuzzy" colors and some very fashionable microsuedes.

So we wrangled up 3 of the 6 Chihuahuas and set out for a walk. Lola was wearing the Hot Pink Fuzzy, Winston was sporting the Red Fuzzy and Ryleigh reluctantly joined us donned in Leopard Microsuede. The handles were super comfortable to hold.

The leashes did not drag on the ground which was helpful in keeping the pets from getting tangled up as we set out on our journey.

Beneath the fabric is a very clever inner coil that allows the leash to extend from 2-6 feet which was very helpful as Winston took to Laughing His Tail Off!! See above.

Once we were back on track we were able to assess the two sizes that are available. XSMALL with a less taut inner coil and XS snap hook was perfect for the poised Lola and lady-like Ryleigh but the SMALL/MEDIUM with a tauter inner coil and regular-sized snap hook worked wonders on Prince Winston who tends to lunge at any animal or human that he deems unfit to occupy the same pavement as himself.

All in all, it turned out to be a very lovely stroll and we felt quite fashionable and unique as we walked through the neighborhood using our "Laughing Leashes." We give the leash four paws up and will be carrying them at in the very near future.


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