Keeping Your Dogs Eyes Sparkling Clean!

Do you have light-colored dogs with persistent dog tear stains? I do. In fact, I have more than one! Apparently, their eyes are not the actual source of the problem. After a bit of research, it appears that their eyes tear which creates a moist environment which allows bacteria and yeast to grow. This bacteria is what creates discoloration.

So first you must be sure to keep the fur around their eyes trimmed and then make sure to keep the area dry as best as you can during the day. I have tried many different products to help eliminate the discoloration and have found that the product that works the best for us is Angel Eyes. This is Lola. As you can see from her before and after photos, her fur was very discolored and now it is almost completely cleared up!



Now, we still use the Angel Eyes every day but if I see any bit of crust build up around her eyes, I use the all-new Dog Fashion Spa Gentle Eye Pads. There are 50 easy to use pads in each jar and it works very well to keep her looking beautiful!

Her gorgeous necklace is Pink Princess Hand Woven Dog Chain with a Rose Quartz Pawmulet. You can find all of these items on!

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