Man Cave/Dog Cave - Dog Room Decor Ideas

We've all seen the rooms on Pinterest. Those alcoves under the stairs or just off the main room that are designed especially for dogs! We are fascinated with them and love looking at the various ideas that people have come up with for the furry family members. I was sitting around this afternoon and whilst browsing our site I thought why not blog about it and compile a list of must-haves for your dog's own corner of the house!




First things first, we need to find some adorable things to hang on the walls. The Bone Heart Leash Hook is made from Lead-Free Pewter and is handcrafted right here in the USA. The Bone Shaped Dog Leash Hanger is available in Black and Silver and provides a chic place to hang those leashes! Now for the lux loving pooch, we have the Lux Dog Leash Holder which has an antique white satin finish, with crystal leash holders and the applique is drenched in Swarovski crystals.






Maiti Crystals have been a part of the Designer Showcase for a while now and are exclusively available in the USA at Bitch New York. By Arranging each individual crystal by hand unique masterpieces are created. Every single piece of art made by using Swarovski Elements. The sample image shown above is a Jack Russel Terrier and is completed using over 6150 Swarovski Crystals.



Faux Paw Productions are also a part of our designer Showcase for a while now and we are huge fans of their personalized Dog Bowls and Portraits. The Canvas Subliminal Original Dog Painting is made using your favorite image of your pet where it's magnified and ghosted onto a canvas and the artist then paints and original impressionist style portrait of your pet over the top of it. This truly makes on a memorable collector's piece and the best part is that it's gallery wrapped and ready to hang!


Organizing is key they say and any dog owner will tell you that they love to create a mess. The Pet Jetsetter Hanging Dog Organizer can be hung on the wall or can be hidden behind the door. You can store bowls as well as your dogs' favorite treats here.


Another Dog Room must-have comes directly from Italy. Created by Superfine Pet Luxury. The Cortina Storage Bench and Retreat is created with space for those small dogs who love a quick retreat to hide in. We love the quality of Superfine Products. They are strictly handcrafted by the most expert Italian Craftsmen, the dog beds are finished with only the finest materials such as olive, walnut or steam bent zingana wood. Superfine creations can be totally customized to inspiration and fantasy and precious stones and decorations can be added to some parts of the dog bed to meet the most original requests.

We just had to include these unique and fabulous toy boxes by Suck Right Dog Accessories. They're custom made in Hungary and are constructed using the fantasy designs the designer is famous for. Decorations can vary slightly on each piece as they are all unique one-of-a-kind pieces of material. 


Pucci's Dog Amoire would make a great addition to any Dog Cave. Its ability to blend in with any household furniture is one of the many things that draws us to it. It's perfect for storing all your pooches outfits, toys, blankets, and pillows, heck you could even use it as a place to store treats to keep them out of reach of your pooch! These armoires feature two drawers and one adjustable shelf and are manufactured in the USA using premium quality solids and veneers.

Elegant and Romantic this handcrafted solid wood Armoire has a stunning traditional look to it. It's shown in a Soft Creme Brule satin finish and comes with a single bottom drawer with metal runners. You can hang your pooches beautiful gowns or dapper shirts for the gentleman from the clothing rod. Keep your favorite bling on the shelf and store all the t-shirts, blankets, etc. in the drawer. Hooks can be added to the doors to hang leashes, collars, and harnesses

No Dog Room would be complete without some dog feeders for those quick snacks or favorite treats. We've recently added these sleek modern feeders by Bark Twice to our site. Simple but Modern these colorful pieces are powder coated and come with rubber rims to prevent them from sliding along the floor. Stainless Steel bowls are included!

The Big Dogs love their treats and snacks also and the Baron Single XL Diner will not disappoint. Its square base and elegant design will make the perfect addition to any space your dog has to call their own.

Another feeder for the Big Guys is the EIGHT Dog Bowl. Its colorful design is a perfect fit for the home with modern décor. Available in Blue, White Orange, and Black. The EIGHT dog bowl is constructed of a single 1" slab of BirchPly cut to its exact specifications using a CNC tool. The compressed hardwood is known for its appealing sidecut which is given full exposure on these beautiful bowls.

And last but certainly not least every dog cave needs its own bed.

Bowers Pet Products are the latest addition to our designer showcase. All their beds come in multiple different styles. The Amber Microvelvet Double Donut Dog Bed, Flint Microvelvet Scandinave Dog Bed and The Bowser Microvelvet Dutchie are 3 of our favorites. They're all soft, comfortable and will look fabulous no matter which pattern or bed design you choose.

Decadent Digs are also featured in our Designer Showcase and we're extremely lucky to have their Bodacious Bucket Collection of beds on our site. They are a plush pliable dog bed made from a combination of premium quality fur, trims, and decor fabrics. Center is softly stuffed for quality fluffing and harmony with foam foundation. Custom Fabrics are available upon request for an extra charge. Some dogs prefer a bed and others may prefer a crate that they can call their own. Decadent Digs has some Luxurious threads you can use to really add a wow factor to your Dogs Crate. The Golden Dreams and Cream Glitter Ensembles are exactly what you need to create a luxurious environment for your pooch to relax in and call their own.

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